Spooky is a queer anarchist without adjectives. An Egoist, former ancom, and former right-libertarian, they now spend their time battling phantasms and vulgar libertarians on the left and right. Spooky's interests include the intersections of queer theory and individualist philosophy, how anthropology and psychology can improve our understanding of economics, and the effect of language in radical spaces.


An Abolitionist Approach to Reactionary Violence
06 Jan 2022
Deconstructing the Supervillain Fallacy
27 Jul 2021
Ang malabnaw na Kontra-Statismo ng mga Anarkistang Bulgar
21 Jul 2021
Stateless Embassies & Tagalog
The Real Threat of Sectarianism
08 Jul 2021
Vulgar Anarcho-Communism: What Left Unity Conceals
08 Mar 2021
Liberal Patriotism and the Trust Crisis That Isn’t
15 Oct 2020
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12 Sep 2020
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Vulgar Anarcho-Communism: Pacifying Anti-Statism
26 Jun 2020
Feature Articles