CALL TO ACTION: Stop Upcoming “Patriotic Socialist Rally” in Austin, Texas

Tomorrow, March 12th, a group of self-proclaimed “patriotic socialists” (i.e. reactionaries) are gathering at the Austin Southpark Hotel. The event, “Free America from Neo-Liberalism,” will be hosted by Russia Today reporter and r/okaybuddytankie favorite Caleb Maupin, joined by Jackson Hinkle, Sameera Khan, Peter Coffin & Ms ACD, and Haz From “Infrared.” The rap sheet for all of these individuals is long, exhausting, and, for our present purposes, pointless. This is a deliberate attempt to radicalize white southerners with a surface-level emphasis on anti-imperialism and resisting neoliberal sorry, “neo-liberalism.”

The venue, as of right now, has no idea who these people are. One phone call can change that.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Call the Austin Southpark Hotel at (512) 448-2222
  2. Tell them you’re making an inquiry about an event on March 12th titled “Free America from Neo-liberalism”
  3. Ask the clerk to take a message for the manager (if the manager is on the line, all the better)
    • Make sure you state Caleb Maupin’s full name and his direct ties to Russia Today
    • Express your concern that “heavy security” will be provided by Maupin/The Center for Political Innovation
    • Emphasize first and foremost that these people (and of course Caleb himself) are spreading Russian propaganda in the explicit interest of spreading disinformation and radicalizing locals to side with Russia
  4. Remind them that you are a concerned caller who is worried about the kind of crowd (i.e. violent and disruptive folks) this will attract and the reputation of the hotel. You’re doing this for the hotel, not yourself.

This is only a rough outline of what, in my own experience, led the person on the other line to follow through. Feel free to add or omit whatever details you see fit.

Obviously there are many, many other more important issues with these folks than their ties to Russia, ranging from vehement antisemitism to genocide denial — and you’re absolutely free to recount these issues. I offer these points of emphasis mainly in the interest of your (and the hotel staff’s) time and to ensure this message is focused on issues that directly concern hotel management. As receptive as these folks seem to be, they probably don’t care about politics as much as we do, so I suggest emphasizing these core talking points instead. Remember, you’re trying to influence management at a private business, they don’t have time for a rant about the messy details of Maupin’s poor excuse for “journalism” (no matter how warranted it may be).

We will always stand against the tanks no matter where they roll up. Will you stand with us?

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