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CALL TO ACTION: Stop Upcoming “Patriotic Socialist Rally” in Austin, Texas
Tomorrow, March 12th, a group of self-proclaimed “patriotic socialists” (i.e. reactionaries) are gathering at the Austin Southpark Hotel. The event, “Free America from Neo-Liberalism,” will be hosted by Russia Today reporter and r/okaybuddytankie favorite Caleb Maupin, joined by Jackson Hinkle, Sameera Khan, Peter Coffin & Ms ACD, and Haz From “Infrared.” The rap sheet for…
Blaming the Dead, and What Isn’t Surprising About the Murder of Garrett Foster
No, it’s not surprising that the Austin Police Department let the person who killed Garrett Foster go after less than a day. It’s not surprising that they didn’t charge them. It’s not even surprising that the president of the Austin police officer’s union, Kenneth Cassaday, would publicly denounce Garrett Foster on the same day.  Truth…
Perché Odio la Parola Terrorismo
(Ma non mi pento di averla usata) Scritto da un cittadino di Austin. Originale pubblicato il 23 marzo 2018 con il titolo Why I Hate the Word Terrorism (But Don’t Regret Using It). Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Voglio essere sincero. Odio la parola “terrorismo”. La trovo troppo caricata, troppo politicizzata, viene usata per giustificare la…
Why I Hate the Word Terrorism (But Don’t Regret Using It)
I have no interest in learning about the Austin bomber. What their politics were, where they were raised, what groups they were part of. Whether he was nice, or even what motivated him to commit terrorism. He voided my empathy and understanding the moment he placed the first bomb down.
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