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In episode no. 10 of Agoric Cafe, Roderick Long chats with philosopher Gary Chartier about Robin Hood, left-wing market anarchism, natural law, free speech and employer power, libertarian secularism, Seventh-day Adventism, religious epistemology, long-arc television, urban fantasy, Lawrence Durrell, Iris Murdoch, Whit Stillman, the evils of giving extra credit and taking attendance, and the attractions…
Corporations versus the Market; or, Whip Conflation Now
(Originally published at Cato Unbound on November 10, 2008) Defenders of the free market are often accused of being apologists for big business and shills for the corporate elite. Is this a fair charge? No and yes. Emphatically no—because corporate power and the free market are actually antithetical; genuine competition is big business’s worst nightmare….
Against the Criminal Justice System, Pt. II: The Criminality of Criminal Law
Dump the Rentiers Off Your Back
Against the Criminal Justice System, Pt. I: No One Should Ever Be Punished
Trying so fucking hard to be good but soon maybe you will see  the only thing that i am good at is fucking things up again and again and again at least you can depend on me for that right? you think that it is so sad when i am alone but when i am…
yr highness
An Arch Why
Bullshit Jobs and the End of Work (As We Know It)
Book Review: Ruth Kinna and Clifford Harper. Great Anarchis...
Written by anarchist scholar Ruth Kinna (professor of Political Theory at Loughborough University and editor of Anarchist Studies) and illustrated by Ralph Harper (most famous for the illustrations in Radical Technology), this book is a collection of essays on ten anarchists that were originally published as stand-alone pamphlets.  The essays — not presented in chronological…
Atlas Shrugged: Ayn Rand and the Cult of Productivity
Review: Bourgeois Dignity
Review: Libertarian Equality
Capitalist Nursery Fables: The Tragedy of Private Property,...
Introduction Since the beginning of class society, every ruling class has required a legitimizing ideology to justify inequality and to frame its own privileges as deserved. As Thomas Piketty puts it: Every human society must justify its inequalities: unless reasons for them are found, the whole political and social edifice stands in danger of collapse….
Historical Materialism: A Brief Overview and Left-Libertarian Reinterpretation
Scarcity and Abundance Under Anarchism
We Are All Degrowthers. We Are All Ecomodernists. Analysis of a Debate.