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Recently I received an email from eBay outlining the following: Tell Congress to Stop Requiring Unnecessary Tax Reporting and Protect Seller Privacy A problematic tax reporting provision will force millions of Americans to receive confusing and burdensome IRS forms. These additional income tax forms (1099-K) will be issued for the sale of virtually all goods,…
Revolution in Rojava: Democratic Autonomy in Kurdistan
The Kurdish people are the largest stateless nation in the world. An estimated 40 million Kurds live in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. Despite their common origins and cultural practices, these four states have denied the Kurds recognition of their identity or autonomy as a distinct minority with their own culture and language. At different…
The Invisible Life of Migrants
The Long Shadow of Colonialist Ideology
On The Limits of Liberty
History of Egoist Anarchism
The term “egoist” has appeared often in the history of philosophy and social thought, as well as in political ideologies. However, while there are several variations and explanations of what egoism means, its usage has been quite inconsistent. Therefore, when reading about the subject, it is important to distinguish which type of egoism we are…
A Brief History of Individualist Anarchism
The First Intifada and Anarchism
Constructing an Unfixed Freedom
“None of the Above”: A Book Review of The Lie of 1652
Words have different meanings in South Africa. The overlay of specific socio-political senses arising out of a legacy of racial authoritarianism has so overshadowed the ordinary senses in which common words are used elsewhere in the world, that words are as good as lost. Thus location as denoting the “township,” the companion or shadow town…
From Stirner to Mussolini
Muammar Gaddafi’s Green Book: The Good, The Bad, and The Weird
Review: From Urbanization to Cities
Historical Materialism: A Brief Overview and Left-Libertari...
 View or download a PDF copy of Eric Fleischmann’s C4SS Study here: Historical Materialism: A Brief Overview and Left-Libertarian Reinterpretation Introduction One of the most famous theories forwarded by Karl Marx is that of historical materialism—although Marx himself apparently never used that exact term in his work [1]. To put it succinctly, Merriam-Webster defines…
Prison Labor: Capitalism Without Markets, Understanding the Economics of Totalitarian Institutions
The Methodenstreit Revisited: Marginalism and the Lost Power Context
Hayek’s Fatal Conceit