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Don’t let the title fool you. Even if you’ve been a C4SS supporter for years, Logan Marie Glitterbomb’s deep dive into the center’s history and mission is a good listen for fellow travelers of all stripes. You might be surprised to learn that not everything you read on Twitter is true… —————————————————————————————— Donate to Logan’s…
On “Living Proof” and Anarchism
On a long trawl through Youtube out of boredom, I came across a video from HBomberGuy, titled “Vaccines: A Measured Response.” I usually watch him because he has decent takes on current events, but the messaging at the end of the video I think hits home in the realm of “radical politics:” There is another…
Darknet Markets as Political Activism
Ending Gun Violence by Defunding the Police
Is “Anarchy” Inherent to Anarchism?
Same Shit, Different Labor Day
Right-libertarian apologists for capitalism seem to have a thing about using holidays as vehicles for their talking points. Every Thanksgiving, Reason trots out John Stossel’s ahistorical buncombe about how communism almost killed the Pilgrims before private property saved them from starvation (despite my debunking it every year). On Christmas, we get apologetics for Ebenezer Scrooge,…
Still Feeling the Effects of 9/11
Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud
Review: Business as a System of Power
Business as a System of Power (1943) serves as both a great piece of economic history and comparative economics, and as an exploration of timeless principles and observations on the nature and political economy of business power. Robert A. Brady’s extremely informative study establishes how business communities from around the industrialized world began, and continued,…
Review: The Operating System by Eric Laursen
Review: Ayn Rand, Homosexuality, and Human Liberation
Book Review: Groove is in the Heart: The DisCO Elements
The Methodenstreit Revisited: Marginalism and the Lost Powe...
View or download a PDF copy of Kevin Carson’s C4SS Study: The Methodenstreit Revisited: Marginalism and the Lost Power Context The Methodenstreit was a long-running and fairly acrimonious debate over the methodology of economic science, between Carl Menger (posthumously regarded as the founder of Austrian economics) and Gustav Schmoller of the German Historical School, which eventually…
Hayek’s Fatal Conceit
Capitalist Nursery Fables: The Tragedy of Private Property, and the Farce of Its Defense
Historical Materialism: A Brief Overview and Left-Libertarian Reinterpretation