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Roderick Tracy Long is in need of financial help. Our readers are likely to be familiar with his contributions to our site. And whether in appreciation of those writings and/or human empathy in general may want to help Roderick Long out. He is accepting gifts via GoFundMe and asks people to email or message him…
Anti-Zionism Isn’t Enough.
We Must Oppose Nationalism in All Forms. In today’s cynical and dishonest political climate every critique of Zionism is smeared as antisemitic by the right wing and moderate liberal media. For instance, no matter how many times US representative Ilhan Omar apologizes or clarifies the intentions of her statements against Israeli war crimes, she is time…
How and How Not to Question the “Mainstream Narrative”
Israel and Palestine: Against the Nation State
Zionism and the Nation-State
Part Nine: The New Structure of Zapatista Autonomy
Brothers and sisters and compañer@s: I am going to try to explain to you how we reorganize autonomy, that is, the new structure of Zapatista autonomy.  I will explain more later with more detail.  Or maybe I won’t explain any more, because the practice is what matters.  Of course, you can also come to the…
Capitalism, Not Welfare, Has Destroyed Faith in Freedom
On Capital, Maps, and Terrain
Property is Violence, So Let’s Keep It to a Minimum
Book Review: It’s OK To Be Angry About Capitalism
Sanders’ book centers on two tasks facing the American people. He states them at the outset. First: These Americans [the predominantly younger voters who supported Sanders’ candidacy] understand that proposals that tinker around the edges are an insufficient response to the enormous crises we face. For them, there is a rapidly growing recognition that this…
Review: African Anarchism – The History of a Movement
Earthseed for Anarchists
Labadie Reviews Nock
The Undeclared Condominium: The USSR As Partner in a Conser...
    The Undeclared Condominium The USSR As Partner in a Conservative World Order   Introduction Although the Right has typically framed the Soviet Union and “International Communism” as an aggressive and subversive revolutionary force, the reality is — at the very least — considerably more nuanced. In fact, it would be more accurate to…
I, Pencil Revisited
The Thought of Ivan Illich: A Libertarian Analysis
Historical Materialism: A Brief Overview and Left-Libertarian Reinterpretation