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Join us this Friday, March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day!) at 7:00 PM EST as we stream Tonight We Riot with independent journalist Ford Fischer. As editor-in-chief of News2Share, Ford focuses on raw video journalism, often covering protests across the political spectrum. We’ll be discussing protest coverage, representation in media, and some of the discourse around…
Earthquakes and Dictatorship
In the early morning hours of February 6, 2023, Turkey and northern Syria were shaken by two major earthquakes in quick succession. Eleven cities in Southern and Eastern Anatolia and Syrian Kurdistan, home to around 3.5 million people, were severely affected by the earthquakes. The fact that the disaster struck in the early hours of…
Getting Railroaded by the Capitalist State
Defending Das Institut: The Stakes of U.S. Anti-LGBT Violence
Earthquakes and Capitalism
Renewable Energy Doesn’t Exist Under Capitalism
— If desire shapes energy infrastructure, how do we build a non-extractive libido?  “For what happens to whomever does not want to recognize that political economy is libidinal, is that he reproduces in other terms the same phantasy of an externalized region where desire would be sheltered from every treacherous transcription into production, labour and…
The Myth of the Private Sector, Part II: The Centrally Planned Global Economy
​​Market Anarchist Plus: Our Plan of Work
Affinity Fraud and Exploitable Empathy (with zine)
Review: A Companion to Marx’s Grundrisse, by David Harvey
David Harvey. A Companion to Marx’s Grundrisse (London and New York: Verso, 2023). David Harvey may be familiar to some from his background as a Marxist geographer focusing on neoliberalism and uneven development, or for his development of Henri Lefebvre’s “Right to the City” concept. The Grundrisse itself amounts, more or less, to a voluminous…
Review of Why Managers Matter: The Perils of the Bossless Company
Review of Pirate Enlightenment, by David Graeber
One Giant Red Flag, Folded Into A Book
The Thought of Ivan Illich: A Libertarian Analysis
      Introduction: Two Kinds of Society Illich’s most common term for the kind of society or mode of production he is critiquing is “industrial age.” The overall theme of his projected future writing, he notes, is “an epilogue to the industrial age.” I want to describe the fading monopoly of the industrial mode…
Historical Materialism: A Brief Overview and Left-Libertarian Reinterpretation
Prison Labor: Capitalism Without Markets, Understanding the Economics of Totalitarian Institutions
The Methodenstreit Revisited: Marginalism and the Lost Power Context