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For the seventh installment of The Enragés, host Joel Williamson met with Nathan Goodman to discuss their article titled Abolition: An Economist’s Perspective. This article is a contribution to an upcoming C4SS anthology called Total Abolition: Police, Prisons, Borders, Empire. Tune in to learn how economics can contribute to the pursuit of abolition, and how…
On Work Abolition: Rejecting the Alien Hermeneutics of the ...
Advocating work abolition, I encounter one specific objection very often. “Work,” they say, does not refer to, nor imply, coerced labour. An authoritarian Marxist I recently encountered made the claim that to speak of work abolition is the language of “empty” radicalism. They went on to claim that such “empty” radical language is confined to…
Deconstructing the Supervillain Fallacy
On the Cuba Embargo, and Free Trade — Real and Imagined
There Are No “Anarchist Systems” without Anarchist Fundamentals
I am the founding Executive Director of The Automotive Free Clinic. The AFC is a free and low cost automotive repair shop in Prattville, Alabama, a small town outside of Montgomery, that was designed on the principles of mutual aid and Marx’s labor theory of value. We were founded in March of 2020 as a…
Brahmin-Savarna Masculinity causing Vaccine Deprivation in India’s COVID Crisis
Creative Destruction: Rethinking Failure after the State
From Rebellion to Revolution
Review: Ayn Rand, Homosexuality, and Human Liberation
Let’s begin this review honestly: Despite having referenced her in multiple articles, I—like almost all leftists regardless of ideology—do not like Ayn Rand and am most certainly not an Objectivist. I approach her much like Karl Hess did: Seeing her value in comparison to Emma Goldman but rejecting her ostensive, unflattering solipsism. Yet, I consider…
Book Review: Groove is in the Heart: The DisCO Elements
Board Game Review: Bloc by Bloc
Escaping the Armed Madhouse: Review of Robert Anton Wilson’s “The Starseed Signals”
The Methodenstreit Revisited: Marginalism and the Lost Powe...
View or download a PDF copy of Kevin Carson’s C4SS Study: The Methodenstreit Revisited: Marginalism and the Lost Power Context The Methodenstreit was a long-running and fairly acrimonious debate over the methodology of economic science, between Carl Menger (posthumously regarded as the founder of Austrian economics) and Gustav Schmoller of the German Historical School, which eventually…
Hayek’s Fatal Conceit
Capitalist Nursery Fables: The Tragedy of Private Property, and the Farce of Its Defense
Historical Materialism: A Brief Overview and Left-Libertarian Reinterpretation