The Alliance of the Libertarian Left is a decentralized alliance of radical individualists, left libertarians, agorists, market anarchists, mutualists, voluntary socialists, and others on the libertarian left. We’re organizing local activist groups to fight for individual freedom, peace, and social solidarity in our communities, using the tools of education, direct action, and cooperative counter-institutions—not petitions, party politics, or symbolic protests.

The Quebec student strikes have offered us new insights and confirmed old ones. A robust and pre-existing political culture – student or not, student and not – is not sufficient, but certainly conducive to building, mobilizing and sustaining a confrontational political strategy – and the use of swarm protests is not only cool, but an effective display of open-source resiliency. With S4SS, our goal is to develop a networked structure that will allow for maximum autonomy while fostering maximum inter/intra-chapter participation, communication, and coordination.