Help Expand Our Translations


As part of the Center’s mission to build awareness of left market anarchist alternatives, we work to translate the Center’s publications into as many languages as possible through our Stateless Embassies project.

As a volunteer translator, you are invited to contribute translations into your native language(s).

Though any translation contribution is welcome, we are still looking for more support and contributions from native speakers of these widely-spoken languages:

Spanish Tagalog


Portuguese Turkish


Indonesian/Malay Greek


Italian Arabic


Russian German


French Chinese




To become a C4SS translator*: Choose any article on the site, translate it into your native language(s), and email it to Translations Coordinator Enrico Sanna at Providing references with first-time translations helps us process new submissions more quickly!

To those already involved with C4SS, please let us know if you’re fluent in any of the above languages and open to helping vet translations upon request.

Your participation level in this effort is entirely up to you. If you choose to dedicate yourself to putting all the Center’s content into your mother tongue, we — and perhaps the spare billion non-English speakers — will be delighted by your contribution.

Likewise, if you find yourself with only occasional interest, time, and energy to translate an item you find particularly important, those contributions will be accepted gladly, too.

*Translators, like writers, receive a pro-rated fee per translation, up to $25 per piece. For more information, see the “Pay Scale” section of the C4SS Writer’s Guide, or contact Enrico Sanna at .

This fee can also be donated back to the Center or to any ongoing mutual aid effort (such as the fundraiser for Logan Glitterbomb’s legal fees),  just let us know if that’s what you’d like to do!

Please note that our budget is limited by how much we get from our donors. Translating many articles might lower the pay for each piece. Generally, we allow 4-5 pieces each month.

The use of artificial intelligence tools, such as Deepl or Google translate, is allowed as an aid, with the litmus test being that the written content cannot be duplicated via AI prompts. If someone is found to have generated content for us wholesale via AI, they will be disqualified from publishing with us for a year. However, AI-assisted pieces that follow our guidelines will not be compensated less than “completely human” articles so as not to penalize the use of a tool.

All new translators will need to have their first and second translation pieces reviewed by someone at or trusted by the Center who speaks the target language before being allowed to submit more regularly.

If you’d like to direct people to a way to support C4SS translations and translators, supporting the Center on Patreon is the easiest way to do so.