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Nationalism and all other forms of traditionalism have always been “post-truth”. One might think that this is an odd statement, since reactionary movements are so often characterized by a kind of absolutism. Liberals and leftists have always been the ones who are accused of vacuous relativism.
Bill de Blasio and Big Tobacco: Together in Smoke
Speaking at the American Heart Association on April 19th, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled anti-smoking policies going “up against a multi-billion-dollar industry.” This might seem an adversarial showdown between public advocacy and entrenched power straight out of a Hollywood movie — say, “Erin Brockovich” or “Spotlight.”
Reclaiming the Anti-Fascist Roots of Libertarianism
Trump’s Military Budget Is Not NATO’s Fault
Terrorist is the New Green
The Paradox of the Political Right’s Opposition to Abortion
Generally, people on the ‘right’ of the political spectrum are more vocally against abortion. If they do agree with it, it’s usually only in some limited capacity (such as when an unplanned pregnancy is the result of rape or incest). On the other hand, the political left tends to be far more vocally supportive.
A UBI Can Create Economic Freedom And Social Justice
It’s Time For “Mad Anarchism”
Combating Hate: A Radical Leftist Guide to Gun Control (Part 4)
Film Review: Bitter Harvest
Bitter Harvest. Directed by George Mendeluk (Devil’s Harvest Production, 2017). Running time: 103 minutes. Bitter Harvest is a recently released wartime romance, set during the state-induced Ukrainian famine of 1932-33: otherwise known as the Holodomor. Directed, written, and funded by members of the Ukrainian diaspora, it was filmed on location in Ukraine during the Euromaidan protests.
Against The Pull Of Simplicity & Disconnect
Review: Journey to Earthland, by Paul Raskin
Lessons from the Practice of Basic Income
Deleuze, Guattari and Market Anarchism
There’s been a lot of talk about Deleuze and Guattari around both academic and activist scenes for quite some time. Sometimes they are objects of unfounded derision (decried as “holy fools” by traditionalist socialists like Richard Barbrook), and other times they are the beneficiaries of overtly non-critical praise.
Postmodern Philosophy and Market Anarchism: Allies or Enemies?
We Are Not Disposable! Building Alternatives To Prisons
Rethinking Markets: Anarchism, Capitalism, and the State