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These are my belated comments on our media presence in July: 14 articles published; 20 pickups (bringing the average down to 1.4); Our great citation champion, Sheldon Richman, managed to get into the Quad-City Times and the Seoul Times with his “Trump, Saddam, and the Presumption of Innocence.” He also got on Antiwar and Counterpunch,…
CNT Announces Plans to Refound the IWA
Formed from an ideological split between members of the First International, the Asociación Internacional de los Trabajadores (AIT), more commonly known to the English speaking world as the International Workers’ Association (IWA) was founded in December of 1922. The First International was an organization aimed at uniting left-wing socialist, communist, and anarchist labor unions and…
Indigenous Property Rights and the Dakota Access Pipeline
Why “Reforming” Copyright Will Kill It
Right-to-Repair Activists are Heroes
Another Stupid Capitalist Propaganda Meme
If you frequent right-libertarian social media circles, you’ve probably run across — more than once — the popular “World Population Living in Extreme Poverty, 1820-2015” meme. It’s a graph that shows high levels of absolute poverty relative to the total world population through the mid-20th century, with a rapid increase starting about 1950 in the…
Praxeology: The Importance of First Principles
Capitalism’s Just-So Stories
Arguments Against the Minimum Wage
The Communard Manifesto
The Communard Manifesto (Las Indias, May 9, 2016). Translated by Level Translation. By way of background, the Communard Manifesto comes out of the Las Indias Cooperative Group, which is a real-world venture in establishing a phyle — a non-territorial networked economic support platform — of the kind that Las Indias’s David de Ugarte described theoretically…
America’s Counter-Revolution: The Constitution Revisited
The Desktop Regulatory State
Balthazar. The Discrete Charm of Economic Growth.
Postmodern Philosophy and Market Anarchism: Allies or Enemi...
‘Postmodern Philosophy and Market Anarchism: Allies or Enemies?’ aims to evaluate the extent to which postmodern philosophy can strengthen the case for market anarchism, as well as provide novel modes of praxis for combating power structures (including, but not limited to, the state). Examining the ideas of Foucault, Deleuze, Crenshaw, Derrida…
We Are Not Disposable! Building Alternatives To Prisons
Rethinking Markets: Anarchism, Capitalism, and the State
Anarchists Without Adjectives