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An Anarchist Case for UBI
Universal Basic Income (UBI) is quickly becoming a hot topic this presidential cycle due to the likes of Andrew Yang and his supporters. Since he began his campaign, many other candidates have been interrogated about their support for the idea and more and more are responding positively, even if half-heartedly. Sadly some, such as Bernie…
Per un Reddito di Base Universale Serve lo Stato?
Di Lexi Linnell. Originale pubblicato il 2 ottobre 2017 con il titolo Does Universal Basic Income Require a State? Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Vishal Wilde si è recentemente espresso a favore di un reddito di base universale (RBU) sostenendo che promuoverebbe la libertà economica e la giustizia sociale. Certo la questione ha attirato libertari di…
Does Universal Basic Income Require a State?
Recently, Vishal Wilde advocated for a universal basic income (UBI) on the grounds that it promotes economic freedom and social justice. Indeed, UBI has long been attractive to libertarians of various stripes. However, this idea suffers from the problem that, to date, UBI proposals have generally relied on the state for a taxation and distribution…
Reddito di Base, Libertà e Giustizia
Come un reddito di base universale potrebbe creare libertà economica e giustizia sociale [Di Vishal Wilde. Originale pubblicato su Center for a Stateless Society il 20 aprile 2017 con il titolo A UBI Can Create Economic Freedom and Social Justice. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna.] Vista la richiesta sempre più forte di un reddito di base…
A UBI Can Create Economic Freedom And Social Justice
Given increasingly prominent calls for a Universal Basic Income (UBI), it is worth considering the extent to which such proposals accord with the principles of freedom and justice. UBI divides opinions and elicits controversy from across the political spectrum because it seems to be both idealistic and fatally flawed.
The UBI: Another Tool for Disciplining the Poor
On both sides of the argument over the efficacy of the Universal Basic Income (UBI), there is the claim that the UBI might encourage unemployment. The critics of UBI claim this is a defect, but the Left often argues that employment is not the only value we should have, and that a universal net will…
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