Mutual Exchange Radio: Evan Pierce on Universal Ecological Infrastructure
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We’re back! A little late, but hopefully worth it, here’s our “August” episode of Mutual Exchange Radio.

In this episode Alex McHugh stands in for host Zachary Woodman to interview C4SS editing coordinator Evan Pierce.

Evan is a gardener, builder, and anarchist working on generating and regenerating universal ecological infrastructure. They’re into the cross-pollination of ideas and intersections of praxis between anarchism, permaculture, and transhumanism.

I wanted to talk to Evan this month in part because we’ve meant to have them on for a while, but also because it seemed like a great time to have some real talk about ecology and anarchism. We often get accused of not really caring about issues like climate change, resource scarcity, and general ecological stewardship, but Evan’s here to dispel that rumor and talk about how ecology can fit neatly into the mission of a market anarchist.

Read Evan’s essay “Beyond UBI: Sowing the Seeds of Universal Ecological Infrastructure.”

And look out for our next episode at the end of the month with Gus diZerega on democracy as a spontaneous order!

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A little note/correction from Evan:

At about 9 minutes in, I misspoke. I meant to say that electric heating using “active solar” or photovoltaics has some inefficiencies because of going from heat to electricity then back to heat, as opposed to using the heat more directly with passive solar designs.

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