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Against The Pull Of Simplicity & Disconnect
Alexander Reid Ross. Against The Fascist Creep (AK Press, 2017). Despite the right’s stereotype of antifascist activists as close-minded thugs or paid protesters, in reality the majority have long been quite geeky, prone to lining their bookshelves with obscure fascist screeds and abstruse historical tomes. This comes with its own problems. Fascism is a multifaceted phenomenon to say…
Abolish Work: A Lazy Review of a Lazy Exposition of Philosophical Ergophobia
Abolish Work: A Lazy Exposition of Philosophical Ergophobia (LBC Books 2016), by Nick Ford It’s “no class but the leisure class” in Nick Ford’s new book: Abolish Work: A Lazy Exposition of Philosophical Ergophobia. Before continuing, I must acknowledge that this book includes two essays written by yours truly, which are credited to “Mr. Wilson”. Both…
Speaking On Liberty: William Gillis
Speaking On Liberty’s Jason Lee Byas and Grayson English interview C4SS Fellow and Human Iterations blogger William Gillis – the author of the opening essay, The Freed Market, in the left libertarian collection Markets Not Capitalism.
Free Markets & Capitalism?
Markets Not Capitalism
Organization Theory
Conscience of an Anarchist