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Organizing Beyond Organizations: Good News Stories from Spain and Taiwan
C4SS Director William Gillis recently gave this talk in Austin, TX using the lenses of sociology, psychology, and information theory to explore the fundamental limitations of organizations. In other words, it’s a thorough explanation of why meetings suck. Gillis presents a compelling explanation for the ineffectiveness of many political organizations, focused on some of the…
Defying Power: Different Views on How Best to Understand the Evolution of the State (Part I)
Since its publication, I have come across two reviews of Worshiping Power that I would like to respond to, not to bat a discursive ball back and forth, but to engage with the flow of conversations that form an integral part of our interaction with the world around us. One is William Gillis’ “The Tangled…
Speaking On Liberty: William Gillis
Speaking On Liberty’s Jason Lee Byas and Grayson English interview C4SS Fellow and Human Iterations blogger William Gillis – the author of the opening essay, The Freed Market, in the left libertarian collection Markets Not Capitalism.
Free Markets & Capitalism?
Markets Not Capitalism
Organization Theory
Conscience of an Anarchist