C4SS Featured in Two Podcasts

C4SS scholars were recently featured in two different podcasts. As a philosophy, left-wing market anarchism sometimes has a hard time finding a home — but the flip side is that our ideas are relevant to discussions in a few different political contexts. Recently, C4SS scholars were featured in two seperate podcasts — William Nava’s “Who Shaves the Barber” and the relatively new “Non Serviam Podcast” on anarchism.

First, C4SS director William Gillis was featured in William Nava’s “Who Shaves the Barber.” Episode 52 explores anarchism as a concept and covers many applications and experiences of anarchism. Central to the discussion is the difference between horizontal organization and hierarchy, and a few different conceptions of freedom are discussed as well. You can listen to this episode below:

On “Non Serviam,” C4SS fellow Jason Lee Byas discusses radical liberalism, ethics, and more with host Joel Williamson. Jason discusses these ideas as they relate to anarchist politics, radical liberalism, and the anti-war philosophy. Listen below for more:


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