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Pour une écologie libérale
L’utilité industrielle Dans les vastes plaines arides du Bassin Arckaringa, en Australie, a eu lieu une découverte majeure d’huile de schiste. Linc Energy a découvert sur 6,5 millions d’hectares de terrain environ 133 – 233 milliards de barils d’huile de schiste situés sous la lithologie de la région. Peu importe le volume d’huile accessible via la…
Climate Change, Institutions and Emerging Orders
The long-awaited Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2013 report is now making headlines. The report is designed to inform the global community about the current state of climate science — the scientific debate, consensus and (most importantly) data. We will learn of the latest scientific projections of temperature increase, sea level rise and extremes in weather. The report is seven…
Libertarianism: An Ecological Consideration
Industrial Utility In the vast arid lands of the Arckaringa Basin in Australia a major shale oil discovery has been made. Linc Energy has discovered across 16 million acres of land an estimated 133 – 233 billion barrels of shale oil that lies beneath the region’s lithology. No matter how much of this oil is…
Legalidade & Justiça Não São Idênticas – Criminação da Dissidência
Esperado e oficial – o estado de escuta global. O vazamento de Edward Snowden para The Guardian mostrou à escâncara o quanto os Estados Unidos foram longe em nome da “segurança nacional”. O que os vazamentos revelaram foi um governo fora dos limites de sua constituição, dedicado à coleta secreta de informações, e incrivelmente intrometido. Nos recintos do poder…
Stop Construction! Tear Down Walls!
Across Quebec this past Saturday, Canadians and neighbors held vigils for those killed in last week’s oil tank train explosion.  This tragedy raises new discussion on environmental health and public safety in regards to the transportation of fossil fuels. For the United States, it has yet again energized the national debate over the Keystone XL Pipeline (KXL)….
Legality & Justice Are Not Identical – Criminalizing Dissent
Expected and official – the global surveillance state. Edward Snowden’s leak to The Guardian blew wide open just how far the United States has gone in the name of “national security”. What has been revealed by the leaks is a government outside the limits of its constitution, dedicated to intelligence, and incredibly intrusive. With in…
Ignore Obama — It’s the Green Thing to do
On a very cold day in February more than 40,000 people came together in Washington DC from across the United States and Canada for the largest climate rally in US history — Forward on Climate. They urged the Obama administration to take climate science and our energy crisis seriously. They called attention to devastating storms,…
Wild and Free: The Libertarian Philosophy of Henry David Thoreau
Darian Worden examines Thoreau’s libertarian philosophy and the connections he made between nature and freedom.
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Is Peak Oil the Solution to Global Warming?
Kevin Carson: “If you look at the range of estimates for reductions in oil supply over the next generation or so, it looks awfully similar in scale to the environmentalists’ targets for reducing CO2 emissions.”
The Anatomy of Escape
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
Free Markets & Capitalism?
Organization Theory
Conscience of an Anarchist