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Shutdown for Now—How to Shut It Down for Good!
The United States government recently shut down for the longest stretch in history: the government spent one-month in deadlock between its Democratic-majority Congress and Republican President Donald Trump over a budget resolution. President Trump proposed a deal temporarily reinstating protections for people who immigrated to the United States without documentation while minors in exchange for…
Sanità per Tutti: Guida Informale ad una Sanità Anarchica
Di Logan Marie Glitterbomb. Originale pubblicato il primo agosto 2017 con il titolo Healthcare for All: An Informal Guide to Creating an Anarchist Medical System. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. In ambiti politici si parla tanto di come affrontare le disfunzioni della sanità. Nazionalizzare? Monopolio di stato? Alternativa pubblica in concorrenza col privato? Servono assicurazioni sanitarie…
Healthcare For All: An Informal Guide to Creating An Anarchist Medical System
There is much debate in the current political climate over what to do about our broken healthcare system. Should we universalize it under a state monopoly? Should we provide a public option? Should we form health insurance cooperatives? Should we turn it over to crony corporations to reap a profit from our misfortune? No matter what…
How the Government, Businesses and Unions Blame You for Being Unemployed
Zygmunt Bauman, in Postmodernity and Its Discontents, writes that religion, in its traditional form, used to celebrate human insufficiency. With a path more or less outlined for her entire life, the individual found herself powerless to change the conditions she was inserted in. In contrast to what he considers the “postmodern” condition, of uncertainty, premodern…
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