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An Anarchist Case for UBI
Universal Basic Income (UBI) is quickly becoming a hot topic this presidential cycle due to the likes of Andrew Yang and his supporters. Since he began his campaign, many other candidates have been interrogated about their support for the idea and more and more are responding positively, even if half-heartedly. Sadly some, such as Bernie…
A Legislated Minimum Wage Inhibits Low-Income Entrepreneurship
There are many different arguments against the Minimum Wage. One less prominent criticism of the idea is the fact that it restricts entrepreneurship: especially from those with low incomes. It is worth conceptually exploring how this happens. To begin with, when a Minimum Wage is instituted, there are layoffs.
Arguments Against the Minimum Wage
Arguing against the Minimum Wage has often been the preserve of the ‘right’ (presuming the simplistic and problematic left-right dichotomy that we impose as a conceptual framework to make sense of contemporary politics); however, the ‘left’ also suffers heavily from the Minimum Wage and, despite it purporting to be a pro-poor law, it works to…
A New Strategy for Fight for $15
Last week, I attended a local Fight for $15 rally with some fellow Wobblies and other union organizers and supporters. Echoes of rally cries demanding, “$15 and a union,” filled the streets outside of a local McDonald’s as fast food and child services workers from the Tampa and Orlando, Florida area, mostly workers of color,…
Power to the Individual, Not to the State
How can you tell an American progressive from an American radical? A progressive laments the condition of working people and proposes to further empower the government. A radical laments the condition of working people and proposes to empower individuals by diminishing the power of government. Of course government power and individual power differ in kind:…
Michigan’s Minimum Wage — a Victory for Labor?
A call to raise the minimum wage is happening all over the United States, a call Michigan just answered. The way Michigan went about implementing the raise is a different story, which may also shine light on how other states may implement their changes. Michigan’s Public Act 138 of 2014 to raise the minimum wage is…
Don’t Raise The Minimum Wage — Bring Down The Government Instead
In the airport-turned-town of Seatac, Washington, a ballot proposal to institute a $15/hour minimum wage clings to a narrow lead and faces a certain recount, while in Seattle a state socialist candidate has won election to the city council on a platform including a $15/hour minimum wage for the entire city. Across the United States,…
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