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O libertarianismo é mais que anti-estatismo
Há uma divisão cada vez maior entre os libertários com relação à conexão entre seu firme comprometimento à luta contra o estado e outros valores sociais e culturais. Contudo, trata-se de uma falsa dicotomia. Os libertários apoiam um único princípio maior: a liberdade. É um princípio que se aplica a situações que envolvem ou não…
Libertarianism is More than Anti-Statism
There is a growing division among libertarians regarding the relationship between our fervent commitment to anti-statism and other principles we might hold regarding social and cultural issues. This distinction is a false dichotomy, though. Put simply, libertarians are for one overriding principle: liberty. This principle applies to situations involving the state and situations that don’t.…
Rape Culture and the Female Moralizing Fallacy
Last Friday, Rodrigo Constantino, in his blog on Brazilian magazine Veja’s website, made a strange comment: “I have no doubt that ‘good girls’ are under less risk of sexual assault.” The statement was widely discussed and displeased many in social media, especially for following IPEA‘s research in Brazil, in which 58.5% of interviewees agreed with…
Dialectical Feminism: The Unknown Ideal
Robert Campbell invites us to consider feminists as falling into two groups. (It’s not clear whether the division is meant to be exhaustive.) One group, the “individualist feminists” or “libertarian feminists,” hold that “equality of rights is getting close to being consistently recognized in countries like the United States,” and that “further feminist efforts, in this part…
The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 6
Welcome to my 6th review! Time to begin. Graham Peebles discusses the oppression of Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia. Alexander Cockburn discusses the parallels between JFK and Obama. Ivan Eland examines JFK’s actual record. Jonathan Carp proposes a revolutionary alternative to raising the minimum wage. Jacob Hornberger discusses the post-911 dilution of civil liberties. Sarah…
What Libertarianism Can Learn From Sex-positive Feminism
When I was a young, I remember reading about the difference between cooperative and coercive exchanges. It was a mind-blowing thought, that all interactions could be lumped into one of two categories. And that the implications of the nature of those interactions could be so incredibly powerful and meaningful. While libertarianism certainly encompasses many thoughts…
Patriarchy On Steroids: The Case Of Venezuelan Plastic Surgery Fever
Last time I was in my native Caracas, a couple of years ago, I was shocked by how ubiquitous cosmetic surgery had become among women. Since then, I have given some thought to the plausible origin of the trend and was surprised to find myself in agreement with what William Neuman’s recent piece for the…
Why Gender Roles are Unlibertarian
I recently watched Elysium. And in it, like a lot of Hollywood movies, a strong, heroic man saved a helpless woman and child. And as a feminist I felt irritated. But as a woman I felt something else. I realized I saw the appeal in being saved by a strong, heroic man. Those same cultural…
Why Queer and Trans* Activists Should Support Anarchist Revolution
Last Wednesday I gave a talk titled “Which Way Forward for the LGBTQ Movement” in which I argued that LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning) rights are undermined by the state and capitalism, and that anarchism is the solution. Topics discussed include the Stonewall Riots, police violence, prisons, HRC, Jane Marquardt, Israeli pinkwashing,…
Save the Gnu’s Room, Save the World
My favorite bookstore in the world, The Gnu’s Room, is on the ropes. Commercial rents near campus are high in Auburn, and until this month it looked like the bookstore would have to close in July. But there is a real chance to save the store now, and to help it not only continue as a used…
When It Comes to Misogyny, Facebook Learned from the US Government
Lately, feminist activists are organizing against a litany of misogynist Facebook pages that glorify violence against women or treat it as a joke, pages with names like “Raping Your Girlfriend” and “Fly Kicking Sluts in the Uterus.”  The activists’ primary tactics include making specific demands for changes to Facebook’s moderation policy and “calling on Facebook users…
The Root is Power by Kevin Carson on C4SS Media
C4SS Media presents Kevin Carson‘s “The Root is Power”, read by James Tuttle and edited by Nick Ford.
Speaking On Liberty: Nathan Goodman
In this episode of Speaking On Liberty’s Jason Lee Byas, Grayson English and Kyle Platt interview C4SS Fellow and Dissenting Leftist blogger Nathan Goodman about the the US prison system.
Prisons Can’t Stop Rape Culture, Grassroots Intervention Can
Goodman: Future Steubenvilles can be prevented by creating a culture where people stand up for each other’s basic rights and take issues of consent seriously.
The Root is Power
Kevin Carson: The central identifying feature of a reformist effort is that it fails to strike at the root of oppression — power.
SlutWalk on Mental Self Defense Radio
Raising the issue of rape culture on libertarian radio shows.
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Beyond Patriarchy: A Libertarian Model of the Family
Stressing the Hayekian strand within Austrian socioeconomic thought at the expense of the Kirznerian strand can lead to excessive passivity in the face of the omniscient, omnipotent forces of history.
How Slut Shaming Undermines Liberty
Goodman: Because libertarians care deeply about aggression, we should seek a world where aggressors are held accountable and the victims of aggression are not shamed and degraded. Slut shaming stands directly in the way of such a world.
Gender Feminism is Libertarian. Stop Saying That Libertarians Should Oppose it.
If gender is used to oppress us, then it’s a meaningful concept to understand if we want to understand the idea of “liberty”.