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David Sirota discusses the parade of phony GOP “libertarians”. Charles Burris on why Ayn Rand got Robin Hood wrong. Eric Margolis discusses a WW1 Churchill crime. Steven Horowitz discusses how capitalism contributed to feminism and gay marriage. Justin Raimondo discusses the Saudi state as our enemy. Doug Bandow discusses why America should say no to…
Just When I Managed to Stop Laughing…
Just when I’d managed to get control of my laughter over the “Obama is a Marxist” trope —  he held Red Study Circles where he read Quotations From Chairman Mao with Geithner, Rubin and Summers, presumably — David Harsanyi accuses Hillary Clinton of “class warfare” (“For Hillary Clinton, No War But the Class War,” Reason,…
Earth Day on the River of Grass
Debt Forgiveness: End the Student Loan Industial Complex
A Shill for the Banksters Falls Prey to Mirror-Imaging
Why I Fight Against $15
Kevin Carson recently wrote in support of the Fight for $15 movement. While usually associated with the modern fight for a state mandated minimum wage, Carson rejects that argument and instead turns to other methods by which the labor movement fought for better conditions and wages in the 19th century, such as “information and pressure campaigns against employers”…
Benjamin Tucker, Boston Anarchist
Anarchy is a Scale-Independent Proposition
Why I Fight for $15
Nothing to Fear from New Technologies if the Market is Free
The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee (W.W. Norton & Company 2014), 320 pages. The subject of this book is the “second machine age,” in which “computers and other digital advances are doing for mental power — the ability to use our…
Free Speech: Endgame (Batgirl and Beyond)
The End of [Capitalism]
The Utopia of Rules
The Fulcrum of the Present Crisis
The Fulcrum of the Present Crisis: Some Thoughts on Revolutionary Strategy Center for a Stateless Society Paper No. 19 (Winter 2015) [PDF] The Cult of Mass, Lionization of Protest Culture & Other Industrial Age Holdovers Protest Culture. The so-called “cargo cults” of New Guinea, Micronesia and Melanesia evolved in response to the influx of American manufactured…
The Anarchist Thought of Colin Ward
Power and Property: A Corollary
Classical Liberalism and Conservatism