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Those who follow the work of C4SS Senior Fellow Roderick Long will be excited to learn he’s got a new project just launched on YouTube. The “Agoric Café” is “…devoted to philosophy, politics, history, literature, and whatever else he feels like sounding off on, as well as video interviews with interesting people.” Taking its name…
Defense in a Stateless Society
A week before the writing of this article, I wrote another that stated that we should privatize the police. When people hear that, they think of the anarcho-capitalist idea of the same name. The difference between that and mine is monumental. The AnCap idea is to have communities or, more likely, corporations hire a police…
Petition: Marsha P. Johnson > Christopher Columbus
Ten Thoughts on Statues
A Letter to Conservatives
Maximum Viable Economic Planning: The Basis of New Economies
A tweet jokingly showing James C. Scott centrally planning his small chicken farm.  Even in his devastating critiques of high-modernist central planning, James C Scott acknowledges the benefits to planning and the levels at which it can occur with relative safety. The author M Black also challenges us not to fetishize decentralization in such a…
Blaming the Dead, and What Isn’t Surprising About the Murder of Garrett Foster
An Anti-Statist Beginner’s Guide to (Taxation, Public Budgets, and) Participatory Budgeting
De/centralization, Discretion, and the Anarchist Movement
Review: Libertarian Equality
Fabio Massimo Nicosia, Libertarian Equality, Contradiction, Reconciliation, Maximization. (Amazon.com, 2020) Libertarian Equality, by Italian author Fabio Massimo Nicosia, is a surprising book on left-libertarian political philosophy. It’s not often that left-libertarian thought pops up in Italy, so a brand new book on the topic is a refreshing novelty. In Italy – and probably elsewhere too…
Review: Open Borders
Review: A DisCO Manifesto
Review: The Socialist Manifesto
Historical Materialism: A Brief Overview and Left-Libertari...
One of the most famous theories forwarded by Karl Marx is that of historical materialism—although Marx himself apparently never used that exact term in his work. To put it succinctly, Merriam-Webster defines historical materialism as “the Marxist theory of history and society that holds that ideas and social institutions develop only as the superstructure of…
Scarcity and Abundance Under Anarchism
We Are All Degrowthers. We Are All Ecomodernists. Analysis of a Debate.
Fight Fascists, Destroy Fascism