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The middle of next month will mark the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. My knowledge of the “great charter” is modest, to be sure, but lately I have been reading about it and its legacy. (See the “Liberty Matters” discussion, in which I have a small editorial role, going on this month at Liberty Fund’s…
End Government Spying Now!
The USA PATRIOT Act is set to expire June first, absent congressional action. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has expressed opposition to renewing the act without reforms that would end or limit the National Security Agency’s bulk spying on the phone data of American citizens. While Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seeks an extension for the…
“Redistribute Wealth By Heavy Taxes”? It’s Already Been Done
Disillusion and Dispossession: Thoughts on the Tory Victory
Toward a New Lexicon of Liberty
Individualism, Anti-Essentialism and Intersectionality
Social justice is, in large part, based in the concept of identity politics, or politics based on oppression, privilege, and group identity. Identity politics is important because of social and historical context. Understanding group interactions and their effect on the individuals in these groups is essential to fighting oppression. While many libertarians and individualist anarchists…
Beware of Wonkish Libertarianism
Liberty or Authority? A Useful Political Spectrum
Non-Aggression, Self-Defense and the Death Penalty
Five Faces of State Oppression
Young, I. M. (1990). Five Faces of Oppression. (E. Hackett, & S. Haslanger, Eds.) Theorizing Feminisms, 3-16. “Five Faces of Oppression” by Iris M. Young (1990) attempts to create an objective criteria by which we can judge the existence and levels of oppression of different groups. Young argues that oppression is a structural concept, preserved…
There is No “Do” Either
Acid Dreams: Where Government and The Drug Culture Collide
Sunflowers in the Concrete
The Fulcrum of the Present Crisis
The Fulcrum of the Present Crisis: Some Thoughts on Revolutionary Strategy Center for a Stateless Society Paper No. 19 (Winter 2015) [PDF] The Cult of Mass, Lionization of Protest Culture & Other Industrial Age Holdovers Protest Culture. The so-called “cargo cults” of New Guinea, Micronesia and Melanesia evolved in response to the influx of American manufactured…
The Anarchist Thought of Colin Ward
Power and Property: A Corollary
Classical Liberalism and Conservatism