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The Gnosticism of Power
Those in power regularly reveal themselves to be oblivious to conditions in the real world, and to material constraints on transforming their commands into reality. There’s good reason for this: Their power insulates them from direct experience of the material world, and from direct experience of the constraints offered by material reality. For example, earlier…
A Libertarian Earth Day
Little Girls Don’t Need the State to Protect Them from Photoshop
Identification Totalitarianism
Free Trade and the Occupation of Urban Spaces
The innovative initiatives of occupation of (nominally) public spaces, which have arisen here and elsewhere at the start of the 21st century, are still quite biased against trade and commerce. They imagine that an event (or program) that intends on promoting togetherness in public squares and city streets is not supposed to be profit motivated;…
The Bundy Ranch Standoff: The Bad and the Ugly
Gabriel Kolko Revisited
What Social Animals Owe to Each Other
The Great Writ
Among libertarians generally, there is a somewhat dependable tendency to hark back to the halcyon days of a supposed free age somewhere in the past, and to spotlight certain related features of Anglo-American legal history in service to that narrative. As those features are romanticized, they become totemic symbols of the classical-liberal tradition and its…
Managing the Anthropocene
Avowals of Selfhood: Review of Egoism
Voices from the Mills
Need Structures And Technological Development
I have argued before that scarcity is manufactured in many industries by the deliberate cultivation of economic demand through structures of artificial need. Given the importance of technology in these industries it should not be surprising that the manipulation of technological development plays an enormous role in the manufacture of these structures. The idea that…
Anarchist Themes In The Work Of Elinor Ostrom
Destroying The Master’s House With The Master’s Tools: Some Notes On The Libertarian Theory Of Ideology
New Tech as a Force Multiplier and Equalizer: Bootstrapping the Alternative Economy