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Gli Attuali Problemi Logistici Sono Colpa del Mercato?
Di Eric Fleischmann. Originale: Is the Market to Blame for Current Supply Chain Problems? del primo gennaio 2021. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. È dal picco della pandemia ad oggi (e forse oltre, data la comparsa improvvisa di Omicron) che noi, gli Stati Uniti in particolare, vediamo un imponente sconvolgimento delle catene logistiche. A chi chiede…
Is the Market to Blame for Current Supply Chain Problems?
From the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to today (and likely to continue with the sudden rise of Omicron), we—speaking particularly of the U.S.—have seen a massive disruption in global supply chains. The obvious (and correct) answer to ‘why?’  is that labor is the basis of society, and when it—particularly that part involved in moving…
Decentralised Common Law Post-Brexit
One of the most challenging elements to a post-Brexit order is the organisation and understanding of law. Since our accession into the EEC, our laws have been increasingly harmonised with and even led by European Union directives and court judgments. Thus we’ve moved into the position of having legislation more dominant in legal acquiescence than…
The Futility of State-Directed “Market Reform”: Deregulation
A decade after Califormia’s disastrous experience with Enron-style electrical utility “deregulation” — rolling blackouts and price spikes — caused Arizona to abandon a similar project, the Arizona Corporation Commission is once again considering it. The real problem with “deregulation,” as promoted by the libertarian establishment — the think tanks and lobbyists who pressure the state…
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