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A Pox on the King

Of all the complex wicked problems addressed by the current environmental movement, perhaps the most urgent is climate change.  The scientific community overwhelmingly agrees that ecosystems are rather vulnerable to changing climates, with a large number of species (upwards of 40%) at risk of extinction if current warming trends continue. It is well noted in […]

La Polizia è “Servita e Protetta” Ma non gradisce

Thomas Nestel, comandante della polizia dell’azienda di trasporti di Philadelphia, è atterrito dal fatto che i passanti si siano rifiutati di correre in aiuto di uno dei suoi agenti, Sam Wellington, pestato da uno dei suoi concittadini mentre stava cercando di arrestarlo. “Ero terrorizzato. Avevo paura per i miei agenti.” Bè, è difficile non provare […]

Hot Rocks From The Peacekeepers, Polemics From The Public

Glenn Broadnax of Brooklyn, New York, suffers from anxiety and depression. According to recently released court documents, on the evening of September 14th he was “talking to dead relatives in his head,” which led him to try “throwing himself in front of cars to kill himself.” As he disrupted traffic, police arrived. Broadnax reached his hand into […]

Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost England, And How to Get It Back

Sean Gabb, successor to the late Chris Tame as Director of the Libertarian Alliance, is very much a man of the Right: a composite of Burkean and Little Englander, roughly equivalent to the Old Right or paleolibertarians on this side of the Atlantic. In his critique of managerialism and the corporate state, however, he has much […]

Cops Get “Protected and Served,” Don’t Like It

Thomas Nestel, the Philadelphia Transit Authority police chief, is aghast over the refusal of bystanders to help a transit cop — Sam Wellington — being beaten up by one of their fellow citizens that he’d been trying to arrest. “I was horrified. I was frightened for my cops.” Well, it’s hard not to sympathize with […]

CITIZEN SAFETY ALERT: You Have The Right To Go Home To Your Family Too

At his blog Pro Libertate, William Norman Grigg recently weighed the pros and cons of resisting arrest. His somber conclusion: “Resistance may be dangerous, but submission is frequently fatal.” The topic of resisting arrest is familiar territory for Grigg. He regularly explores the legal evolution of resisting, as well as the reasons people may feel […]

Tar Sands Blockade: Radical Environmentalism is Radical Libertarianism

Abby Martin: Blockaders need the love and support of anarchists and libertarians alike, they face horrible amounts of injustice at the hands of the state for simply doing what’s right.

The Phony “War on Cops” and the Real War on Us

Carson: With crime rates low, cops try to defend their hyper-militarization.

The Hypocrisy at the Heart of the Police State

Kevin Carson reads Nancy Grace so you don’t have to.

Almost Getting Away With Murder

Darian Worden on the verdict of the Oscar Grant murder trial.

The State Will Always Self-Justify

Darian Worden against police state apologists concerning G-20 rioting.

Law-Abiding Citizens Heart Gangsters

Kevin Carson on the Red and Black Cafe controversy.

Government Services: Where the Customer is Always Wrong

Kevin Carson uses the occasion of the story of the Red and Black Cafe to discuss monopoly government “services”.

Death and Taxes

Darian Worden on taxes.

Census: They Can’t Move Forward Until We Send it Back…

Kevin Carson: “…But why would we want those people to move forward, anyway?”

The Ongoing Arrogance of Washington and Obama

Alex R. Knight III on Obama’s acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize.

What Makes Police Brutality Possible?

The recent brutal taser assault on a UCLA student dramatically demonstrates the inequality of authority inherent to government. As such inequality is unnecessary to the provision of security services, government should be abolished.