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Frontiere Aperte Nostra Unica Speranza
Di Emmi Bevensee. Originale pubblicato il 6 settembre 2017 con il titolo Open Borders are Our Only Hope. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Immagine d’apertura: il muro che separa Nogales, Arizona, Stati Uniti, da Nogales, Sonora, Messico. Tribalismi e Frontiere Nazionali Tra i tanti pericoli degli stati nazione con le loro frontiere ci sono due paradigmi,…
No Borders is Our Only Hope
In-group Preference and National Borders Fundamental to the danger of nation-states and borders are the paradigms of nationalism and in-group preference that exploit human quirks to justify violence. In-group preference is best understood in terms of the creation of teams through the dehumanization of an ‘other.’ In-group preference is mentally categorizing someone who is somehow…
Progressive Border Patrol
This is the second part of the series called “Nice Cops and Other Cryptids” exploring apologism for prominent agents of the state. Part 1, “Nice Cops” can be found here. Most people don’t realize the activities and behaviors that are normalized in the U.S. borderlands. Almost every night a Border Patrol helicopter will fly low…
Borderlands: What’s Happening to America?
A man, an American citizen, sits in his car as a U.S. Border Patrol agent insists that he roll down his window. He refuses. Agents use battering rams to smash the windows. Still, the driver refuses to leave his car, so he is hit with a Taser from two sides. He screams. It would be…
Canadian Immigration Authorities
I had my first experience with the Canadian state this week. The immigration authorities questioned me about my trip to Canada. One dicey moment was when the customs officer asked about whether I paid taxes or not. I replied that I only pay sales tax. I haven’t made enough money to pay income tax since…
Le Frontiere Incoraggiano la Criminalità di Stato
A Tacoma, nello stato di Washington, gli immigrati detenuti nel Northwest Detention Center fanno lo sciopero della fame. Gli agenti dell’Immigration and Customs Enforcement stanno cercando di intimidirli, minacciando di alimentarli a forza. Parlando con americani, ho notato che molti di loro non hanno simpatia per i detenuti. Appongono agli immigrati il marchio di “illegali”…
How Borders Enable State Criminality
In Tacoma, Washington, immigrant detainees held in the Northwest Detention Center are on hunger strike. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents are attempting to intimidate, and threatening to force feed, them. When I talk to many Americans about this hunger strike, many lack sympathy with the detainees. They brand immigrants as “illegals” and use this as…
The Brutality of “Border Security”
Last Thursday, the US Senate passed an expansive “immigration reform” bill. The bill’s Hoeven-Corker Amendment would increase the US government’s “border security” spending to $46.3 billion. This money will be used to create what John McCain calls “the most militarized border since the fall of the Berlin Wall,” staffed by at least 38,405 Border Patrol agents….
The Mark of the Police State
Darian Worden doesn’t like the sound of “Your papers, please.”
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Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
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