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Community Land Tax Negates True Ownership
Community Land Tax Negates True Ownership …and Indirectly Reinforces State Capitalism Fred begins by denying that occupancy and use is relevant to legitimate appropriation, so long as the “person has title to land, and pays its economic rent to the relevant community”; meeting such criteria amounts, “in effect, [to] occupying the land.” So in the…
Defining Revolution Down
Cass Sunstein is such an excellent, if unintentional, parody of liberal goo-gooism that it’s hard to tell him from a creation of The Onion. As proof that “our democratic system structures” are not rigged — whatever Gloomy Guses like Elizabeth Warren and Lawrence Lessig may think — Sunstein (“The American System Isn’t Rigged,” BloombergView, August…
Clinton’s College Plan: Reinventing a Very Old Wheel
In the farcical, technocratic future society of Vonnegut’s Player Piano, you have to have at least a bachelor’s degree to do even the most menial service jobs — of which there aren’t a lot left. The great majority of jobs have been automated out of existence, and the ranks of the still employed are dominated…
Move Over, Hollywood: Stossel’s Writing His Own Fantasy
Every time I write a commentary on one of John Stossel’s godawful columns, I tell myself I’ll lay off him for a while. But good lord, this latest wretched little piece of pro-corporate apologetics (“Corporations Have Become Hollywood’s Go-To Villains,” Reason, July 1) is about the worst thing he’s ever done. The biggest challenge any…
Smash the State, Eat the Rich
In Why the Rich Tolerate Being Looted Jeffrey Tucker argues the rich today act differently than they used to. They wear common clothing, avoid luxurious houses and cars, and even call for higher taxes on themselves. Tucker explains this new phenomenon by drawing upon an essay by Peter Leeson and says, “Property rights are weak today… The…
Noam Chomsky: Mesmerized By The Bolivarian Spectacle
Speaking at the United Nations in 2006, Hugo Chávez excoriated ex- US President George W. Bush as “the devil.” Chávez waved a copy of Noam Chomsky’s Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance, catapulting the book onto Amazon’s best-seller list. For his part, Chomsky has repeatedly stated that Chávez ushered a revolutionary break with Venezuela’s political…
How to (Inadvertently) Argue Against the Public Education System
In a recent article, Allison Benedikt makes her case that, as the title says, “If You Send Your Kid to Private School, You Are a Bad Person” (Slate, August 29). She clarifies: “Not bad like murderer bad — but bad like ruining-one-of-our-nation’s-most-essential-institutions-in-order-to-get-what’s-best-for-your-kid bad.” The proper course of action, she argues, is to take one for…
Mises and the Neo-Marxists: Paleotechnic Blood Brothers?
Kevin Carson: In their equation of progress and productivity with the sheer quantitative mass of capital invested, are stuck in the paleotechnic age.
La Función Fundamental del Estado del Bienestar es el Bienestar Corporativo
El estado trabaja para los capitalistas. No trabaja para usted.
Under Capitalism, Welfare State’s Main Function is Corporate Welfare
Kevin Carson: The state works for the capitalists, not for you.
Critique of Contract Feudalism
A Critique of a Critique: An Examination of Kevin Carson’s Contract Feudalism was originally published in the 2006 issue of Economic Notes No. 108 by the Libertarian Alliance, written by Paul Marks.
Disney’s Lucasfilm Buyout: Fighting Power with Power
Carson: Whatever corporate copyright lockdown Disney puts the franchise under couldn’t possibly exceed George Lucas’s worst. The Disney acquisition actually offers to breathe new life into the Star Wars universe.
The New Class and Its Government Nexus, Part I
The government has a bit too much invested in the financial sector for, well, the financial sector’s own good.
The “Green New Deal”: Not Green, Not New, and Not Much of a Deal
Carson: It’s just a greenwashed version of mid-20th century, mass-production capitalism.
The Romney Lexicon: “Free Enterprise” = Corporate Welfare
Carson: So now when you hear Mittens talk about “free enterprise,” you know what he means by it.
DARPA Funding Hackerspaces? Not to Worry
Carson: The rentiers’ last-ditch plan can’t work.
The 47% Don’t Pay Taxes? Think Again, Mittens
Carson: Who depends on whom?
The Regulatory State — Behind the Myth
Carson: The regulators don’t work for you.
For Fake Corporate “Libertarians,” The World’s Just one Big Billy Jack Movie
Carson: Yet another reminder that corporate capitalism has nothing to do with a free market. It’s a system of state-assisted robbery by the rich and powerful.
Obama’s Last, Desperate Attempt to Save Capitalism
Carson: They’re trying to enclose emerging tech!
Markets Not Capitalism
Organization Theory
Conscience of an Anarchist