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Anarchism without Anarchy
The rampant dictatorial governments in Italy, Spain and Russia, which arouse such envy and longing among the more reactionary and timid parties across the world, are supplying dispossessed ‘democracy’ with a sort of new virginity. Thus we see the creatures of the old regimes, well-accustomed to the wicked art of politics, responsible for repression and…
The Regime of Liberty
The relationship between democracy and anarchism is undoubtedly a contentious one. In his work The Principle of Federation1, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon makes it clear that democracy has an important legacy to respect. Because Proudhon declared that Universal Suffrage was above The Republic, he had to evaluate the character of democracy in ideal terms. Proudhon categorized democracy…
How Do Market Anarchists See Property?
The issue of property is a contentious one among market anarchists, as it has been historically within the greater anarchist tradition. Ever since Proudhon’s claim that “property is theft,” anarchists have argued about the proper resolution to the question of land ownership actually is. To free market anarchists, the answer is a bit more concise….
Proudhon on Democracy
P-J Proudhon’s understanding of democracy is a classic example of the concerns about the representative democratic process which many classical liberals expressed. The following was written a few weeks after the February (1848) Revolution in Paris had replaced the constitutional monarchy of King Louise-Phillipe with that of a nominally democratic republic. The illusion of democracy…
Which Way for the Gig Economy?
The so-called “sharing economy” is sometimes also called the “gig economy” — arguably a more accurate term, because “sharing economy” carries overtones of cooperation and mutuality that are (to say the least) grossly misleading. In the case of ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft it’s misleading because it suggests the direct sharing of rides between…
Proudhon on Land Value Taxation
Proudhon on Land Value Taxation Those who have read all the contributions to this conversation so far might well marvel at how many different Proudhons had been invoked in its course. I think all of us are still in the blind man and the elephant stage with Proudhon, to some extent at least. His writings…
Illuminating Discord: An Interview with Robert Anton Wilson
Illuminating Discord: An interview with Robert Anton Wilson By Jane Talisman and Eric Geislinger (Columbia Region New Libertarian Alliance) (Originally published in New Libertarian Notes/Weekly 39, September 5, 1976; reprinted at RAWillumination.net) CRNLA: Tell us a little about your background. RAW: I was born into a working class Irish Catholic family in Brooklyn 44 years…
Sociologia Anarchica del Federalismo
The following article is translated into Italian from the English original, written by Colin Ward. Questo articolo è stato scritto da Colin Ward ed è apparso per la prima volta su Freedom, numero di giugno-luglio 1992. Lo Sfondo Quella minoranza di giovani europei che hanno avuto l’opportunità di studiare la storia d’Europa oltre a quella della loro nazione,…
The Anarchist Sociology Of Federalism
The following article was written by Colin Ward and originally appeared in Freedom, June-July 1992. The Background That minority of children in any European country who were given the opportunity of studying the history of Europe as well as that of their own nations, learned that there were two great events in the last century: the unification…
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Love, Garlic and Anarchy
Luigi Corvaglia: “An aphorism can never be the whole truth; it is either a half-truth or a truth-and-a-half.”
Amore, aglio e anarchia
Luigi Corvaglia: “Un aforisma non è mai una verità: o è una mezza verità o è una verità e mezzo.”
To Be Governed Not At All!
Adapted from an anarchism session Darian Worden led at the Students for Liberty 2012 regional conference at the University of Pennsylvania.
Go Ahead and Jump
Thomas L. Knapp: Sooner or later, those boiling frogs will have to jump.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory