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Abolition: An Economist’s Perspective
It may seem strange for an economist to write about abolition. After all, economists focus on choices at the margin. Even when we talk about violent crimes or pollution, we argue that the optimal quantity of these “bads” is not zero. In other words, while we want to reduce the amount of murder, assault, and…
Green Market Agorist Episode 11: From Police Officer to Police Abolitionist (feat. That Dang Dad)
We’re excited to have Logan Glitterbomb’s Green Market Agorist podcast on the C4SS line-up this year! Check out the most recent episode — released in conjunction with the Coup de Gras festival earlier this month — below. You can subscribe to the Green Market Agorist podcast on Anchor or Spotify,  but we’ll be also be sharing episodes…
Anti-Gun? Check Your Privilege
Those against firearm ownership often lead their objections with a distaste for over-enthusiastic attitudes about guns that they say verges on cult-like worship. The claim is also made that these attitudes encourage a needlessly violent approach toward conflicts that have alternative resolutions. At most, those passionately opposed to gun ownership may allow an exception for…
Bad People: Irredeemable Individuals & Structural Incentives
Contrary to the assertions of some leftists there are in fact thoroughly monstrous people who are not just victims of their social conditions. Humans vary. We each follow somewhat random paths in the development of our values and instincts, buffeted by a million tiny butterfly wings of context that can never be managed or predicted….
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