Bad People: Irredeemable Individuals & Structural Incentives
[Hear an in-depth discussion on this article and its topics in this episode of The Enragés] Contrary to the assertions of some leftists there are in fact thoroughly monstrous people who are not just victims of their social conditions. Humans vary. We each follow somewhat random paths in the development of our values and instincts,…
A Letter to Conservatives
Oh dear, conservatives, you’ve been looking kinda confused and down recently. What a bind you’ve gotten yourselves into! You instinctively and viscerally oppose the popular uprising against the police state. But everything you can point to was done in the American revolution. It’s helpful if you curate your feeds to see only the worst examples…
Pigs on the Beat
 Thanks to everyone who participated in our May Poetry Feature. We’ll be moving away from poems for a bit, but look out for future special features and poetry projects!    The breadth of corruption has eclipsed the surreal arms of enforcement and tendons of steel    Enforcers are charged with societies care and they stomp…
All Cops Are Bastards: Jon Snow Edition
Jon Snow isn’t exactly a cop — the fantasy realm of Game of Thrones doesn’t map perfectly onto our own social and political institutions. He is, however, involved in a system that does some pretty terrible things — while claiming that “he’s not like the other ones” and that the machine can be driven to…
“Nice Cops”
I am of the ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards) and FTP (Fuck The Police) ideological lineages: even though, as a blameless bastard child, I resent the comparison. However, many who engage in this critique of state-backed mercenaries fall into rhetorical traps at the simplest rebuttal.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory