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Per un Situazionismo Metodologico
Di Cayce Jamil. Originale pubblicato il 6 ottobre 2020 con il titolo Towards Methodological Situationism. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Gli anarchici col tempo hanno finito per assorbire alcune parti del pensiero proprio dell’economia, l’antropologia, la psicologia e la macro-sociologia, ma hanno incredibilmente trascurato la micro-sociologia. La cosa stupisce visto che al cuore dell’analisi anarchica troviamo…
Towards Methodological Situationism
While anarchists have incorporated insights from economics, anthropology, psychology, and some macro-sociology, there is a notable absence when it comes to micro-sociology. This is puzzling as the very core of anarchist thought is about hierarchy, a sociological phenomenon. The standard anarchist conception of hierarchy focuses almost exclusively on structural power. Generally speaking, anarchists claim to…
Bad People: Irredeemable Individuals & Structural Incentives
[Hear an in-depth discussion on this article and its topics in this episode of The Enragés] Contrary to the assertions of some leftists there are in fact thoroughly monstrous people who are not just victims of their social conditions. Humans vary. We each follow somewhat random paths in the development of our values and instincts,…
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