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La Rivoluzione Stigmergica
Di Kevin Carson. Originale pubblicato il 12 novembre 2011 con il titolo The Stigmergic Revolution. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Per tanto tempo si è pensato che nel complesso ordine sociale di un formicaio la regina avesse un ruolo centrale, esercitato tramite i comandi diretti e il controllo dei sudditi. Ma non è così. Il biologo…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Chris Burbank and the Myth of “Good Cops”
Last week, Radley Balko published an interesting piece on the question “After Ferguson, how should police respond to protests?”  He contrasted the militarized approach seen in Ferguson and in the Battle of Seattle with less reactionary and more cooperative forms of policing. One police chief Balko praised was Chris Burbank of Salt Lake City, my hometown….
To Be Governed Not At All!
Adapted from an anarchism session Darian Worden led at the Students for Liberty 2012 regional conference at the University of Pennsylvania.
Zombie Occupy Vs. The Vampire State
Ad hoc groups of activists and volunteers seem to work better than the government or NGOs, but why?
Outro Herói do Movimento da Liberdade: Jeremy Hammond
Carson: Stratfor está do lado do mal e as alegadas ações de Hammond contra ela foram inteiramente justificadas. Condeno a detenção e o processo contra ele.
The Myth of Deregulation
A market that is free in any intelligibly rational sense of the word is the one thing the corporations will not be able to survive.
The masses have become lazy, fat and stupid
Joe Bageant: The empire needs only about 20-25% of its population at the very most to administrate and perpetuate itself — What happens to the rest?
Новое осмысление «Теории и практики олигархического коллективизма»
Это революция, которая не может быть кооптирована старыми иерархиями, так как сама материальная основа их питания будет разрушена.
Новый Год всемирного протеста
что государство втягивает общество в состояние постоянной войны
Корпоративное государство: и дом, разделившийся сам в себе, падёт
Глобальная сверхдержава, основанная на принципах контроля за информацией и вызывающая страх и недоверие в своём собственном народе, долго не продержится.
Occupy the Motor Industry
The main thing is to end dependence on motor vehicles.
Vídeo Amador: A Comissão da Polícia do Povo
Aos Tenentes Pikes do mundo: Estamos de olho em vocês.
Anonymous Releases NYPD’s Occupy Raid Footage
They tried to remove all the journalists, but now “all your tapes are belong to us.”
We Aren’t the Only Ones Saying It
Commenter: capitalism is the enemy of free enterprise.
O Mundo Inteiro Está Olhando
Carson: Da Colina de São Jorge a Wukang a … ?
О неизбежности крушения государства
В долгосрочном же периоде у государства нет жизнеспособной альтернативы сетевой структуре.
¿De la Primavera Árabe a la Revolución de Otoño?
Kevin Carson acerca de lo esperanzador que parecen ser estos tiempos.
Al Movimiento de Ocupación de Wall Street: Hagamos Una Huelga General Produciendo Para Nosotros Mismos
Kevin Carson nos recuerda que el 1% nos necesita a nosotros, no nosotros a ellos.
Bajo la Mirada del Mundo Entero
Kevin Carson: Desde St. George’s Hill hasta Wukang, y luego hasta…
Стигмергическая революция
Или более кратко, как говорит Анонимус: ждите нас.
The Anatomy of Escape
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
Free Markets & Capitalism?
Organization Theory
Conscience of an Anarchist