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Sindicatos, empresas y competencia en el trabajo
De Andrew Kemle. Artículo original: Unions, Firms, and Competition Within the Workplace, 7 de enero de 2021. Traducido al español por Camila Figueroa. I. Negociación centralizada, control de tarjetas y una alternativa ¿Existe una forma de facilitar a los trabajadores la afiliación a un sindicato? Y en el proceso de facilitar que los empleados se…
Unions, Firms, and Competition Within the Workplace
I. Centralized Bargaining, Card Checking, and an Alternative  Is there a way to make joining a union easier for employees? And in the process of making it easier for employees to join a union, is there a way to maximize a person’s freedom to associate (or not associate) without weakening the support structures that workers…
Arguments Against the Minimum Wage
Arguing against the Minimum Wage has often been the preserve of the ‘right’ (presuming the simplistic and problematic left-right dichotomy that we impose as a conceptual framework to make sense of contemporary politics); however, the ‘left’ also suffers heavily from the Minimum Wage and, despite it purporting to be a pro-poor law, it works to…
Inequality Isn’t Something That Just “Happens”
A think piece by Walter Frick at Harvard Business Review (“Understanding the Debate Over Inequality, Skills, and the Rise of the 1%,” Dec. 21) draws a line in the inequality debate between those (mostly CEOs and other corporate apologists) who see it as resulting from a mismatch between the supply and demand for certain skills,…
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
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