New Podcasts at C4SS: The Outgroup and Green Market Agorist

Big things are happening in the world of C4SS audio content!

We’ve got a new show joining the lineup — Logan Glitterbomb’s Green Market Agorist podcast, previously unaffiliated, will now be supported by the C4SS podcast team, and available here on the site and on Patreon. 

And we’ve updated our Patron-only round table show with a new name: The Outgroup. While this show is generally only available to our supporters on Patreon, we’ve made a few episodes public, including our 2020 round-up episode

You’ll also be able to catch both of these shows at the upcoming Coup de Gras virtual fair!

The Outgroup team will be recording live for the combination Mardi Gras ball and anarchist bookfair at 9:00 pm CST on Friday, February 12th.

Logan will be recording an episode of Green Market Agorist with “That Dang Dad” to be released Friday, February 12th as part of the festival.

You can catch C4SS folks on a few other CdG panels as well! There will be a general C4SS panel on Saturday, February 13th at 1:00 pm CST featuring Kevin Carson, Nathan Goodman, Logan Marie Glitterbomb, Eric Fleischmann, and “Spooky.” Spooky will be hosting a panel around their pieceQueerness Is Not Collectivist, Reactionaries Are Not Individualists” at 3:00 pm CST on Saturday, February 13th and Alex McHugh will be appearing on the Egoism panel on Sunday, February 14th at 12:00 pm CST.

Register now to hear The Outgroup live, and to catch presentations from a wide variety of anarchist and anarchy-adjacent speakers, musicians, and activists! 

Here’s Logan with more on what The Green Market Agorist is all about:

In case you haven’t already heard, I have been hosting the Green Market Agorist podcast and YouTube/Bitchute channel in addition to my writings here at C4SS. My solo video output is sporadic at best but I keep a steady schedule with podcasts being released on the 15th of every month.

It is my joy to share these interviews and hope you enjoy listening to them. You can listen to the Green Market Agorist podcast on Anchor or Spotify and be sure to check out my YouTube and Bitchute channels while you’re at it. If you wish to support this project further and allow me more time and material resources to focus on it, you can do so by subscribing to the Green Market Agorist Patreon or SubscribeStar or by making a one time donation via PayPal or CoinPayments.

To learn more about The Outgroup, check out this post of our first-ever episode, which covers quite a lot of ground: 

On this episode… We discuss rising tensions between the US and Iran, as well as a number of controversies surrounding pride month from Taylor Swift, to companies and police at pride parades. Finally, we have a fun discussion about the ethics of throwing milkshakes at fascists.

To get access to every episode of The Outgroup, you can become a Patron of C4SS for just $2 per month on Patreon! We release a round table episode approximately every month, and Patrons get access to other kinds of bonus content, great C4SS merch, and now C4SS podcast mugs.

If you’re already a supporter, look out for a message soon so we can get these mugs to you. We’re excited to share them with you!

Statement on #YALtoo Campaign

While many in our network have likely already heard the news, in the interest of notifying those who haven’t, we’ve decided to share the following information on the ongoing #YALtoo campaign against sexual assault and misogyny in the libertarian movement. 

So far, most of the recent revelations have centered on Young Americans for Liberty staff, but YAL is far from the only organization (ours included) with these problems and we should all be vigilant against sexual assault and misogyny in our communities. 

In particular, We’d like to draw your attention to a survey being distributed by the Ladies of Liberty Alliance. Here’s LOLA’s announcement of the survey: 

It’s good to see people in the liberty movement finally speaking out about these longstanding issues. The C4SS team offers our support to the victims and to the folks at LOLA in their fight to reveal abuse wherever it exists and to hold responsible both abusers and those covering for them.

Green Market Agorist Episode 10: The Cryptocurrency Revolution (feat. George Donnelly)

This month on the Green Market Agorist podcast, I interviewed cryptocurrency legend George Donnelly about bitcoin, bitcoin cash, agorism, privacy, and his upcoming appearance at Coup de Gras, which he recently ended up sponsoring.

So be sure to check out the Green Market Agorist podcast on Anchor or Spotify and check out the trailer for the Coup de Gras anarchist Mardi Gras festival on YouTube, Bitchute, and LBRY. More info can also be found on our website at or on our social media, including Twitter, Flote, MeWeMinds, and Mastodon. So visit our website, snag your tickets, and come watch George Donnelly and our many other guest speakers talk on a variety of subjects.

Next month, I interview That Dang Dad, a former cop turned radical leftist breadtuber, with the episode launching a day early on February 14th as part of our Coup de Gras panel.

The #RedPearl of Africa is a Bleeding City

Youth from Uganda and across the diaspora have united forces to help build Global solidarity with the Youth in Uganda fighting to remove their dictator. Whether possible or not, global solidarity is needed as they continue to be under surveillance with the implementation of social media tax and social media blockages. Ugandan social media activists have been been tortured, kidnapped and murdered in the past – with most recently including journalists. They are reaching out and asking for social media users that are outside of Uganda and the African continent to change their display pictures to the colour red for the entire month of January, or the redpearl logo, while sharing with friends why; to stand in solidarity with Ugandan youth. The campaign is called redpearl because Uganda is the pearl of Africa, with red symbolizing the blood that has been shed in the hands of the government. They are also encouraging as many journalists from abroad to pick up on the story, to support the journalists who have lost their lives attempting to document to release what is happening. Journalism is not a crime, and neither is fighting for freedom. Uganda has had the same president since the 80’s, who has caused immense trauma to millions. The youth are fighting for their future generations, their country and their continent and have hope in Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) to be the new face of Uganda. However, youth pose a threat to to the Ugandan government because they make up 80% of voters. This will be Uganda’s first digital election, already ensuring a lack of access from votes that matter most. They want to ensure that social media access as well as internet is not blocked off during January, as it has in past elections. The current opposition, Bobi Wine, has had his supporters, campaign members, family, friends, drivers and security murdered. This is their only chance. Lets stand in solidarity with the youth of Uganda.

Our Identities are anonymous for our safety.

The Enragés: No Bosses, No Landlords, No Bureaucrats!

In this first episode of The Enragés, host Joel Williamson sits down with Kevin Carson to discuss Kevin’s recent piece on the Center for a Stateless Society website “The Myth of the Private Sector, Part I: Why Big-Small and Vertical-Horizontal Trumps ‘Public-Private’”—a conversion that spans from the role of government interference in the scale and structure of economic institutions to the definitions of “large” and “small” to possible right-libertarian objections to Kevin’s argument and beyond.

Kevin Carson is a senior fellow of the Center for a Stateless Society ( and holds the Center’s Karl Hess Chair in Social Theory. He is an anarchist without adjectives, heavily influenced by autonomism and the new municipalist movements. His written work includes Studies in Mutualist Political EconomyOrganization Theory: A Libertarian PerspectiveThe Homebrew Industrial Revolution: A Low-Overhead Manifesto, and The Desktop Regulatory State all of which are freely available online. His book Exodus: General Idea of the Revolution in the XXI Century is forthcoming. Carson has also written for such print publications as The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty and a variety of internet-based journals and blogs, including Just Things and The Art of the Possible, as well as his own blogs, Mutualist Blog and Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.

You can now submit questions for our next guest, Eric Fleischmann, on Patreon!

Announcing Coup de Gras 2: Electric Luau!

Carnival season is upon us and Mardi Gras Day is fast approaching! How are you celebrating this year? Hopefully you’ll choose to celebrate with us at Coup de Gras 2: Electric Luau!

Coup de Gras is an annual Mardi Gras festival thrown by Krewe de Main, the krewe behind the Coup de Main land project. The festival was started in 2020 to encourage people to come out and check out the project. The first Coup de Gras was completely word-of-mouth and hosted on the former homestead owned by a number of Krewe de Main members and consisted of camping, community meals, radical discussions, parties, and parades. We were even joined on Lundi Gras and Mardi Gras Days in New Orleans by the one and only Vermin Supreme, immediately following his 2020 presidential campaign stop at the Libertarian Party of Florida State Convention that weekend.

This year will be a little different due to the pandemic, legal restrictions, and the fact that we no longer have the homestead to host on but we are spinning that to our favor. Sponsored by the Vermin Supreme Institute, Beyond the Ballot, and the Green Market Agorist, we are hosting something far bigger in scope than last year and we are hosting it digitally. The plan is to hold a five day Mardi Gras festival starting the Friday before, February 12th, and continuing through Mardi Gras Day that following Tuesday, February 16th. It’s part anarchist bookfair, part Mardi Gras blow out.

The first three days will be your typical anarchist bookfair setup with panels ranging from presentations to discussions to skillshares to workshop to podcasts to film screenings and everything in between. If you have a panel idea and wish to host it at the event, feel free to apply here. Don’t be shy. Topics can be anything relevant to anarchist politics and/or Mardi Gras.

We have several guest speakers and panelists throughout the weekend including Carne Ross, Evan Greer, Justin “Beau” King, Ford Fischer, James Weeks, Mike Shipley, Jae Em Carico, the Solarpunk Farmer, and Aron from Re Education. Podcast Titles Are A Spook, Non Serviam, The Serfs, Green Market Agorist, and C4SS’ very own Mutual Exchange Radio will be hosting special episodes at the event, including a special Non Serviam interview with none other than scott scrow. If you’re an activist, organizer, writer, breadtuber, podcaster, content creator, or artist of any sort, feel free to share your projects with us by hosting a panel.

Lundi Gras Day (Monday, February 15th) will be an open mic art day where anyone can share art in any medium they wish. Mardi Gras is a creative time, with live music, dancing, people wearing costumes, and decorating floats and “throws” for krewes to toss to attendees while parading, and we wish to embody that spirit as best we can by allowing people to show off their costuming, writing, music, drawings, painting, sculpting, comedy, theatre, or whatever other forms of art they wish to share. So be sure to sign up ahead of time to secure a spot or check us out day of and see where we can fit you in.

And finally, the climax of the event is Mardi Gras Day. Whereas most krewes will throw parades and/or balls, we can do neither this year so we’re doing the next best thing:

We’re hosting a cabaret!

Complete with music, comedy, burlesque, theatre, and the traditional crowning of the krewe’s Mardi Gras royalty (don’t worry, they’ll get what they deserve!), the cabaret will be one hell of a show. So far the lineup includes such talent as Evan Greer, Injekt, Gilt, Puddled, Jy Mack, Jake Flores, Joey Thibodeaux, Aron from Re Education, Vermin Supreme, Aqua Annette, Daquiri, Phoenix Midnight, and so many more.

Just as with the panels and the open mic art day, the cabaret is open for participation if you have anything you wish to submit. Performances can be done live or pre-taped. Apply here or contact us today to discuss details.

The event will be streamed from February 12th-16th with a social media component Matrix so that folks can connect, network, chat, and share knowledge, ideas, and resources. Details regarding the platforms and schedule will be released closer to the start of the event on our website at so head there and pick up your tickets today!

Tickets are $10-50 sliding scale, with no one being turned away due to an inability to pay, and all profits will go towards our mutual aid causes which this year include the Logan Glitterbomb Freedom Fund and the Coup de Main land project.

Have a happy Carnival and can’t wait to see y’all there!

New C4SS Podcast: The Enragés

Center for a Stateless Society is proud to announce the beginning of a brand new podcast christened The Enragés, which will feature questions and casual conversations with authors about recent pieces they’ve published on the C4SS site. In comparison to Mutual Exchange Radio, this podcast will focus exclusively on the specific works of authors on the C4SS website and try to more regularly take listener questions. And we are excited to announce that Joel Williamson of Non Serviam Media will be joining the C4SS team as the host!

The name of the podcast comes from the loosely affiliated anarchistic and proto-socialist group known in English as the “Enraged Ones,” who split from the Jacobin Club during the French Revolution in their radical demands against monopolists and support for the French lower class. To give a glimpse into their still-relevant views, Jacques Roux—in his 1793 Manifesto of the Enragés—states:

Freedom is nothing but a vain phantom when one class of men can starve another with impunity. Equality is nothing but a vain phantom when the rich, through monopoly, exercise the right of life or death over their like. The republic is nothing but a vain phantom when the counter-revolution can operate every day through the price of commodities, which three quarters of all citizens cannot afford without shedding tears.

The first episode “No Bosses, No Landlords, No Bureaucrats!” features a conversation with Senior Fellow and Karl Hess Chair in Social Theory at C4SS Kevin Carson on his article “The Myth of the Private Sector, Part I: Why Big-Small and Vertical-Horizontal Trumps ‘Public-Private’.Give it a listen when it comes out this Friday!

Virtual Molinari Society Panel on Rights

The Molinari Society will be holding its mostly-annual Eastern Symposium in conjunction with the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association via Zoom (7-9 and 14-16 January). Only those who cough up the hefty registration fee will be able to access the session, so no chance of free-riding this time around (the APA’s decision, definitely not ours; the APA is both pragmatically and morally confused about the costs and benefits of allowing free-riding at its conferences, but that’s another story). But there’s a substantial student discount, verb. sap. Anyway, here’s the schedule info:

Molinari Society symposium:
Radical Rights Theory

[Two timeslots back to back; we havent yet sorted the order of speakers or who’ll be in which timeslot – it depends on some logistical details that remain to be worked out (check back here for updates).]

12K. Thursday, 14 January 2021, 9:00-10:50 a.m. E
13K. Thursday, 14 January 2021, 11:00 a.m.-12:50 p.m. E

Roderick T. Long (Auburn University)

Jesse Spafford (The Graduate Center, CUNY), “When ‘Enough and as Good’ Is Not Good Enough

Daniel Layman (Davidson College), “Keeping the Proviso in Its Place

Roderick T. Long (Auburn University), “How to Have Your No-Proviso Lockeanism and Eat It Too

Jason Lee Byas (University of Michigan), “Alienation, Forfeiture, and Two Concepts of Natural Rights

Cory Massimino (Center for a Stateless Society), “Two Cheers for Rothbardianism

See the full schedule here.

Were it not for the pandemic, I’d be heading to Manhattan for this event, preparing to dine with my co-panelists, to see friends in the NYC area, to catch up with colleagues in the profession, to visit some new museums, etc. But alas!

Mutual Exchange Radio: Yusuf Mahmood on the Capitol Coup Attempt

To kick off Season 3, we brought on YouTuber Yusuf Mahmood for a timely interview on the events in the capital on January 6th. Yusuf grew up in the Baltimore area and recently graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park with two degrees in economics and philosophy. He has long been an activist in the libertarian movement, working on issues of systemic racism, civil liberties, and economic justice. He has worked and interned at organizations such as the Cato Institute, the Niskanen Center, and Students For Liberty. He is a writer and video essayist who publishes videos on his YouTube channel, YusufTakes.

Yusuf has done work on the relative importance of often unjust liberal institutions and democratic norms in the face of fascist autocrats, even from a more radical perspective, and so is a perfect person to talk to given the relevance of those insights to what we saw this week. In this conversation, we discuss how we got here, the facts surrounding the event, where this might be going, and what we can learn from it. It is a bit of an unusual conversation, but one I think a lot of people are having given how exceptional and disturbing these events are.

You’ll also notice we have finally updated the MER logo! We’re ready for Season 3 to be our best one yet — so look forward to a jam-packed year, exciting and timely guests, and more Patreon bonus content than ever before. Of interest to our current supporters: with the new logo done, we’re getting that podcast swag together soon, and will be sending out coffee mugs to patrons on a rolling basis!

Non Serviam Podcast Featuring Logan Marie Glitterbomb: Agorism & the Injustice System

Prolific C4SS writer Logan Marie Glitterbomb was recently featured on Non Serviam, a podcast “exploring the world of anarchist and anti-authoritarian ideas.” Logan joined host Joel Williamson to discuss:

Agorism, Environmentalism, problems with the ”justice system”, and how we might go about building a better one. We also talk about the intentional queer community she’s building, the exciting event she’s planning, and the unfortunate legal situation she currently finds herself in.

Logan Marie Glitterbomb is a writer, Breadtuber, and podcaster under the branding of Green Market Agorist. She’s a Fellow at the Center for a Stateless Society, an agorist, and an anarchist-without-adjectives. She’s also a gun rights activist, a hardcore police and prison abolitionist, a longtime member of the Industrial Workers of the World, a dues paying member of the Democratic Socialists of America, and a co-founder of the Libertarian Socialist Caucus of the Libertarian Party. She has lived collectively for a number of years, making a living as an agorist and freelancer, while dedicating her free time towards community organizing.

You can listen to the podcast here: Non Serviam Podcast Episode 25: Logan Marie Glitterbomb on Agorism and the Injustice System.

You can also follow Logan on Twitter, check out her Green Market Agorist Podcast, and contribute to her legal defense fund.

DOOMED Podcast Featuring Emmi Bevensee: Decentralized Web of Hate: Peer-to-Peer & White Supremacy

Emmi Bevensee, writer and editor at C4SS, and data scientist and misinformation researcher at Rebellious Data, was interviewed recently on the DOOMED podcast, “a leftist politics and culture show for our terrible times.”

Emmi joined host Matt Binder to discuss:

how white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and misinformation peddlers are using peer-to-peer technology to continue spreading their hateful beliefs even after being deplatformed from the big tech companies. We breakdown what P2P is, the various tech being used, is BitChute really peer-to-peer?, and much more!

They talk about some of the challenges involved in monitoring and investigating fascists as they are forced off of mainstream platforms, how anti-fascists can and are adapting as technology evolves, and how we will need to increasingly take responsibility into our own hands instead of outsourcing moderation to unaccountable tech companies.

You can listen to the podcast here: DOOMED Episode 145: Decentralized Web of Hate: Peer-to-Peer & White Supremacy (w/ Emmi Bevensee)

You can also learn more about Emmi’s research at Rebellious Data, check out their website, and follow them on Twitter.

Green Market Agorist Episode 9: C4SS Holiday Special (feat. Alex McHugh)

In case you haven’t already heard, I have been hosting the Green Market Agorist podcast and YouTube/Bitchute channel in addition to my writings here at C4SS. My solo video output is sporadic at best but I keep a steady schedule with podcasts being released on the 15th of every month.

This month I was joined by our new C4SS coordinating director, Alex McHugh, to talk about his new role and plans for the Center moving forward, as well as fun stuff like egoism, mysticism, and religion. Previous episodes explore topics such as systematic racism, community defense, electoral politics, and more through a series of interviews with anarchists and other radicals who have inspired myself and other community organizers that I work with.

It is my joy to share these interviews and hope you enjoy listening to them. You can listen to the Green Market Agorist podcast on Anchor or Spotify and be sure to check out my YouTube and Bitchute channels while you’re at it. If you wish to support this project further and allow me more time and material resources to focus on it, you can do so by subscribing to the Green Market Agorist Patreon or SubscribeStar or by making a one time donation via PayPal or CoinPayments.

How Roderick Long Helped You; How You Can Help Roderick Long

Philosopher, writer, C4SS Senior Fellow, and longtime anarchist theorist Roderick T. Long is facing steep medical costs and needs our help paying his bills.

I’ve known Roderick Long for the better part of a decade and few people have had a bigger impact on my life. Roderick is my biggest intellectual inspiration. Not just because he’s usually right but because he’s overflowing with intellectual charity, curiosity, rigor, nuance, clarity, and wit. He’s never dismissive, hostile, or cryptic. I aspire to cultivate his discursive virtue. His writing also has something of a revelatory feel to it. Not in the shallow way that conspiracy theorists usually aim for, but in the rich way that people who think sincerely and deeply about many interrelated issues aim for.

His book Wittgenstein, Austrian Economics, and the Logic of Action: Praxeological Investigations contains some of the most important contributions to metaphysics, philosophy of (social) science, and economic theory in recent memory.

His book Rituals of Freedom: Austro-Libertarian Themes in Early Confucianism is a fascinating exploration into Ancient Chinese ideas and builds thought-provoking bridges between Eastern and Western philosophy.

His monograph Reason and Value: Aristotle versus Rand offers profound insights into epistemology, ethics, and the relationship between the two.

His 10-part lecture series Foundations of Libertarian Ethics provides deeply compelling, yet nuanced, solutions to vital issues surrounding human flourishing, morality, and social order.

He’s written dozens of essays thoughtfully exploring complex topics in philosophy, politics, and economics:

Libertarian Anarchism: Responses to Ten Objections
Liberty: The Other Equality
Corporations versus the Market
Libertarian Feminism: Can This Marriage Be Saved?
Why Does Justice Have Good Consequences?
Economics and its Ethical Assumptions
A Plea For Public Property
Market Anarchism as Constitutionalism

He’s also launched his own series of video essays and interviews this year called the Agoric Cafe.

Roderick has spent much of his life thinking very hard about the most fundamental issues of the human condition: the nature of reality and knowledge; action and cooperation; social institutions and freedom.

His work will be making an impact on the world for a long time to come.

And (perhaps more importantly) so will his always-sincere, yet-never-too-serious, attitude toward that work.

After years teaching philosophy in Auburn, taking care of his mother, and promoting the ideas of left-market anarchism whenever he had the chance, Roderick Long is now facing serious financial struggles due to medical expenses (for both his mother and himself) and the high-interest loans he took out to pay them.

Roderick has been a teacher, mentor, and friend to so, so many.

Now, we pay him back.

Donate Here

Agoric Cafe: Interview With Sheldon Richman (Part 2)

In episode no. 14 of Agoric Cafe and in Part 2 of this 2-part interview, Roderick Long chats with Sheldon Richman about the Israeli occupation of Palestine; u.s. intervention in the Middle East; the meaning of Jewish identity; the relation between libertarian individualism and social cooperation; the communistic theories of Frédéric Bastiat; the theologico-political merits of Spinoza; Nathaniel Branden and George H. Smith on atheism; Thomas Paine and Lysander Spooner on deism; the philosophical failings of the New Atheists; rehabilitating the cost-of-production theory of value; the uses of coherentist epistemology for both theists and atheists; reading Wittgenstein for relaxation; the advantages and disadvantages of Randian approaches to knowledge and concepts; the sordid truth behind the special effects in Roderick’s videos (and in particular, what the deal is with Roderick’s hair); Sheldon’s case against open Borders; and the shocking misuse of libertarian think tank resources to photocopy body parts (but who did it, Sheldon or Roderick? and which body parts? watch and learn!). Watch here or below.

C4SS Writer Kelly Wright Needs Our Support!

Hey everyone, thanks for all the ways in which you’ve supported our team and our writers over the years. Mutual aid is the foundational principle behind much of what we do, and it’s encouraging to see how far such a simple concept can take us.

Supporting each other through good or ill, we’re stronger together than we are on our own. Even in my own life, this community has helped me through a good few tough spots. One of the people who was always there to help was C4SS writer Kelly Wright.

Now, Kelly needs us to pay it back! She’s pursuing gender-affirming surgery that, as most probably know, tends to be prohibitively expensive and a difficult process to navigate. Click here or below to donate!

Kelly has long been a part of our network and she’s a powerful writer on transgender rights, police brutality, and militarism. You can see her work for C4SS, including a recent piece on Facebook’s ban of anarchist users and groups, here.

Here’s Kelly’s call for support:

Creating this fundraiser was probably inevitable, though I put it off as long as I could in the hopes of self-funding this major life milestone. Unfortunately navigating the bureaucracy of my insurance company is time-consuming and soul-deadening, and so I humbly turn to the philanthropic impulses of my social network.

Ideally my insurance company will eventually reimburse me for some of the costs associated with bottom surgery, but in the meantime I am on the hook for a considerable portion of the cost, including a $2,000 deductible.

The money generated through this fundraiser will go toward paying for my deductible, as well as other ancillary costs that my insurance company won’t pay for, like hygiene products and other costs associated with my recovery. I am already in the hole ~$800 as I am forced to pay out of pocket for electrolysis hair removal in advance of bottom surgery which is the primary roadblock standing between me and a surgery date. My insurance company is doing everything in its power to slow walk the reimbursement process and it will likely be months before I see that money.

Should I eventually get reimbursed by my insurance company, the funds will be reallocated toward other transition related costs, such as prescriptions, compensating various caretakers for their time and energy, copays, and therapy, among other costs.

I am anticipating actually having bottom surgery at some point in 2021, likely in the summer or early fall. I won’t have a definite surgery date on the schedule for a few more weeks, but will update this fundraiser as the timeline develops.

Any amount helps, and if you can’t contribute sharing on your social networks is greatly appreciated!

Major thanks to @AllyMenthol for help with the thumbnail 🙂

Agoric Cafe: Interview With Sheldon Richman (Part 1)

In episode no. 13 of Agoric Cafe and in Part 1 of this 2-part interview, Roderick Long chats with Sheldon Richman about his youthful enthusiasm for the Swamp Fox and his guerilla fighters; the Constitution as a betrayal of the American Revolution and the Articles of Confederation; defying YAF with Karl Hess at the March to the Arch; the positive externalities achievable by sitting next to Dave Barry; using Koch money to fight big business; Robert Bidinotto’s dark anarchist past; the perils of publishing Kevin Carson; going crazy for Thomas Szasz; the identity of Filthy Pierre; how to smoke like Gandalf; an atheist’s favourite Bishop; and which prominent Austrian economist experimented on Sheldon’s newborn infant. Watch here or below.

Mutual Exchange Radio: Aurora Apolito and William Gillis, Part I

This episode is Part I of a two-part interview with Aurora Apolito and William Gillis, two of the lead contributors to our summer symposium on Decentralization and Economic Coordination.

Listen to Part II here. 

Aurora Apolito is a mathematician and theoretical physicist. She studied physics in Italy and mathematics in Chicago, and later worked for various scientific institutions in the US, Canada, and Germany. She also works on mathematical linguistics, and on mathematical models for neuroscience and has authored six books on various aspects of this work. I should also note that Aurora Apolito is a pen name meant to differentiate this research from her work in other fields.

Our other guest is someone most listeners will be familiar with, William Gillis. Will currently acts as technology coordinator at C4SS and was formerly our coordinating director. Will is a second-generation anarchist who’s worked as an activist in countless projects and capacities since getting involved in the lead-up to N30 (also known as the “Battle in Seattle”). Gillis studies high energy physics and has held a deep fascination with the egalitarian potential of markets since 2003. Their writing can be found at and

Here are both Will & Aurora’s essays in the summer Symposium: 

Virtual Reading Group: Individualist Anarchism in 19th Century America

Tuckered Out? Feeling Greene? Get a Spoonerful of de Cleyrification here!

So says Roderick T. Long! Coming up in January, he’ll be hosting a virtual reading group together with Cory Massimino on individualist anarchism in 19th-century America.

As you might guess from the tagline, they’ll be covering the big names in the American individualist tradition, folks like Benjamin Tucker, Lysander Spooner, and Voltairine de Cleyre. Here’s the full intro video from the Agoric Cafe YouTube channel: 

The application deadline is January 12th, and sessions are tentatively scheduled for Tuesday evenings, starting January 19th. You can find more details and the application form here.

Agoric Cafe: Interview With James Bradley

In episode no. 12 of Agoric Cafe, Roderick Long chats with biologist James T. Bradley about the future of, and ethical issues surrounding, biotechnology and nanotechnology; global and civic responsibilities of scientists and of laypeople; intimations of immortality from William Godwin to Ray Kurzweil; the importance of interdisciplinary education, and of instruction in evolutionary biology; the 15th-century (trans)humanism of Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, and the perils of invoking the Pope; Bradley’s three-week plan for solving a pandemic; the potential parallels between central planning for sociopolitical systems and central planning for ecosystems; the cosmological theories of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young; that time the National Science Foundation awarded Bradley and Long a $200,000 grant (but they had to spend it all on, like, course stuff); how the universe uses stardust to become self-conscious; and the waning allure of cricket ovaries. Watch here or below.

Why So Many Re-posts?

You might have noticed a series of re-posts going up in the Commentary section over the past few weeks. No, we didn’t run out of content! Rather, with the Students For Liberty blog no longer archiving old posts, we got permission to republish here a handful of pieces by C4SS writers and fellows. 

So, in this collection you’ll find the work of Nathan Goodman, Jason Lee Byas, and Cory Massimino. While was originally published elsewhere, the pieces we’ve chosen to preserve are exemplary of the ideas, values, and debates at work in left wing market anarchist thinking. That’s why we’ve decided to republish them on a rolling basis rather than just adding them to the C4SS site archive. Those who prefer the more radical liberal end of the LWMA spectrum will find this series especially rewarding and I’m excited these pieces are getting a second life. 

And we’ve still got quite a few coming out soon. Enjoy!

Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory