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Kelly Wright On Trans Liberation
Longtime C4SS contributor and activist Kelly Wright was recently interviewed by Aaron Ross Powell on (Re)Imagining Liberty about trans myths, trans identities, and trans rights; about the increase in the amount of openly transgender people and the reactionary political-cultural backlash; about the connections between gender affirming care, social acceptance, and suicide rates; and about the…
De la rebelión a la revolución
De Kali Akuno. Título original: From Rebellion to Revolution, 1 de julio de 2021. Traducido al español por Camila Figueroa. Publicado originalmente en Viewpoint Magazine, el 11 de junio de 2020. La rebelión de Floyd está cambiando el mundo ante nuestros ojos. Queda por ver qué tipo de cambio y hasta qué punto cambiará el…
Kita Adalah Pembebas Bagi Diri Kita
Oleh: Kali Akuno. Teks aslinya berjudul We are our own liberators. Diterjemahkan oleh Apepi Chitons. Banyak yang dilakukan di Inggris dan di seluruh dunia berbahasa Inggris atau yang biasa disebut sebagai dunia anglophone yang berhubungan dengan  peringatan 200 tahun penghapusan perdagangan budak di kerajaan Inggris dan koloninya yang telah memisahkan diri, Amerika Serikat. Hollywood dan…
Dari Pemberontakan Menuju Revolusi
Oleh: Kali Akuno. Teks aslinya berjudul “From Rebellion to Revolution.” Diterjemahkan oleh Ameyuri Ringo. Pertama kali diterbitkan di Viewpoint Magazine, pada 11 Juni, 2020. Pemberontakan George Floyd 2020 telah mengubah dunia yang ada di depan mata kita. Jenis perubahan seperti apa dan sejauh mana ia akan merubah keseimbangan kekuatan antara penguasa dan yang diperintah, yang…
Somos nuestros propios liberadores
De Kali Akuno. Artículo original: We are our own liberators, de 19 de junio de 2021. Traducido al español por Camila Figueroa. Publicado originalmente en Pambazuka News, 29 de marzo de 2007. Se está hablando mucho en Inglaterra y en todo el mundo anglófono sobre el 200 aniversario de la abolición de la trata de…
From Rebellion to Revolution
The Floyd rebellion is changing the world before our very eyes. What type of change and to what degree it will shift the balance of forces between rulers and ruled, haves and the have-nots remains to be seen. What is clear is that there is an active and open political contest to shape the outcome….
I Nostri Liberatori Siamo noi
Di Kali Akuno. Originale pubblicato il 19 giugno 2021 con il titolo We are our liberators. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Pubblicato originariamente su Pambazuka News il 3 marzo 2007. Si fa un gran parlare in Inghilterra e in tutto il cosiddetto mondo anglofono del 200º anniversario dell’abolizione della tratta degli schiavi nell’Impero Britannico e nella…
We are our own liberators
Much is being made in England and throughout the English speaking or so-called anglophone world about the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade in the British empire and its breakaway colony, the United States of America. Hollywood and the monopoly sector of entertainment capital have marked this anniversary with a major feature…
When Compassion is Terrorism: Animal Rights in a Post-9/11 World
What a sick world we live in where Joseph Buddenberg and Nicole Kissane, two individuals so passionate about the lives of the earth’s most vulnerable, must fight for their own lives for having the courage to act on their compassion. But in a world where justice has become a scarce commodity, should we be surprised…
Inclined Labor
It was a cool, blustery, October morning in 2007 when I realized the difference between work and labor. I was standing on the side of a country road in Tumwater, Washington waiting for my work crew to come pick me up. I had moved from Tennessee to the area just days before – a recent graduate with…
Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013
Today marks Transgender Day of Remembrance. On this day, transgender and gender non-conforming people join with our allies to mourn and memorialize the transgender and gender non-conforming people who have been killed for who they are.  There’s a lot at stake here. Trans* people, particularly transgender women of color, face horrendous bigotry, violence, and murder….
Nathan Goodman Interviewed On Outright AZ
C4SS Fellow, Nathan Goodman, discusses LGBTQ liberation, prison abolition, and the future of resistance activism on Outright Arizona. Online Politics Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Outright Arizona on BlogTalkRadio
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