The Enragés: Molotov Pill Bottle with H.B. Dillon Williams IV

For the 24th installment of The Enragés, host Eric Fleischmann was joined by H.B. Dillon Williams IV (@MorpheusRage) to discuss their article Molotov Pill Bottle: Radical Answers to Failed Capitalist Healthcare (

H.B. Dillon Williams IV (they/he) is a mexican-indigenous irish genderqueer anti-fascist anarchist rapper, father of three, activist, Magic player, and avid fan of dofflin music. Dillon entered the activist world with Abolish ICE Denver in 2018. In 2019 they worked with the Caravan Support Network that came out of the national organizing Abolish ICE groups, traveling to Tijuana, Mexico to help, gaining organizing experience as well as first-hand knowledge of the border crisis which has recently reached another high point under the Biden administration. They continued migration activism in Phoenix after that and began working for Medicare which ultimately prompted this article. Through this time he has developed his philosophy incorporating insights from organizing. Still a student of Modern Monetary Theory and agorism with a lot of different sympathies. Find their IG @ Rage.Incarnate

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