Mutual Exchange Radio: Tux Pacific on Cryptocurrency and Anarchism
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MER is back!! In this episode, with Cory Massimino, Tux Pacific discusses their unique take on cryptocurrency, the connection between markets and anarchism, and being anti-capitalist in a capitalist world.

Tux Pacific (they/she) is a cryptographer, anarchist, and the founder of Entropy, a decentralized custodian for crypto. Their crypto-inclusive perspective has been shaped by their non-traditional background as a trans person and a market post-left-ish anarchist.

You can reach Tux on Twitter @__tux or via email

Look out for these upcoming MER episodes soon…

  • April: scott crow, with Alex McHugh
  • May: Jason Lee Byas, with Cory Massimino

As well as an episode of The Outgroup (only available for Patreon supporters!) with some new voices from within C4SS. This episode will cover: the war in Ukraine one year on, anti-trans legislation in the US and elsewhere, and the Signature and SVB collapses.

The Enrages should also return next month!

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