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E Però ti Servi di quei Mostri Cattivi
Di Kevin Carson. Originale pubblicato il 16 settembre 2020 con il titolo And Yet You Use Those Evil Big Tech Platforms. Curious! Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Capita spesso che un libertario di destra denunci, con qualche giustificazione, la stupidità di chi pensa che opporsi a qualche legge o istituzione statale significhi opporsi a qualche valore…
Il Credito Bene Comune Appropriato, Parte II
Di Kevin Carson. Originale: Credit as an Enclosed Commons, Part II, pubblicato il primo settembre 2020. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. In un precedente articolo, spiegavo che chi elogia Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos e simili per la loro capacità di “creare valore” dà credito alle persone sbagliate. Ogni componente della Tesla, tutto il modello logistico e…
And Yet You Use Those Evil Big Tech Platforms. Curious!
It’s common for right-libertarians to attack — with some justification — the stupidity of those who equate opposing a law or government agency with opposing some value or goal in its name. Wanting to abolish the Department of Education, for example, doesn’t mean you’re against education. But right libertarians are guilty of a somewhat related…
Response to Aurora Apolito
In “The Problem of Scale in Anarchism and the Case for Cybernetic Communism,” Aurora Apolito writes: I don’t believe that markets can be “liberated” from capitalism, nor that they can do anything good anyway, regardless of their liberated status. In essence, this is because I view the market mechanism as running on a steepest descent…
A Circunscrição do Crédito como Bem Comum, Parte II
Em uma coluna anterior, Examinei a maneira como aqueles que elogiam Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos e sua turma por seu “gênio criativo” ou “criação de valor” estão perdendo o crédito. Todos os componentes dos projetos da Tesla e do modelo de compras e logística online da Amazon já existiam. O conceito de “visão geral” de…
Credit As an Enclosed Commons, Part II
In a previous column, I examined the way in which those who praise Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and their ilk for their “creative genius” or “value creation” are misplacing the credit. All the components of Tesla designs, and of the Amazon online shopping and logistic model, already existed. The “big picture” concept of how to…
Capitalist Nursery Fables: The Tragedy of Private Property, and the Farce of Its Defense
Introduction Since the beginning of class society, every ruling class has required a legitimizing ideology to justify inequality and to frame its own privileges as deserved. As Thomas Piketty puts it: Every human society must justify its inequalities: unless reasons for them are found, the whole political and social edifice stands in danger of collapse….
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