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“Progetto Paura” dietro la Biologia Sintetica
Di Harry Bentham. Originale pubblicato il 30 luglio 2018 con il titolo Seeing Through Synthetic Biology’s “Project Fear”. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. “Project Fear” (progetto paura, ndt), strategia usata in Gran Bretagna dalle forze contrarie alla Brexit, rappresentava il tentativo di salvare la situazione ricorrendo alla paura, a scenari catastrofici e alle peggiori profezie. È…
Seeing Through Synthetic Biology’s “Project Fear”
“Project Fear,” a strategy used by anti-Brexit forces in the UK, was an attempt to save the status quo by appealing to fears, worst-case scenarios, and the gravest predictions. It’s a common tactic for resisting change. In June, a wave of similarly dark headlines struck a fledgling area of science that could otherwise become the…
Trump Or No Trump, We’ll Bury the Carbon Economy
We’ve seen a lot of panic on climate change issues, and understandably so, since Trump’s election. But let’s not overestimate what Trump can actually do to derail progress, or underestimate what we’ll continue to do despite him. First, whatever you think of government policies on such matters, the national and local governments of a major…
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