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Sepellire l’economia degli Idrocarburi, con o senza Trump
Di Kevin Carson. Originale pubblicato il 30 novembre 2016 con il titolo Trump or No Trump, We’ll Bury the Carbon Economy. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Sulla questione dei cambiamenti climatici abbiamo visto comprensibilmente diffondersi il panico dopo l’elezione di Trump. Non dobbiamo sopravvalutare la capacità di Trump di sabotare il progresso, ma neanche sottovalutate quello…
Trump Or No Trump, We’ll Bury the Carbon Economy
We’ve seen a lot of panic on climate change issues, and understandably so, since Trump’s election. But let’s not overestimate what Trump can actually do to derail progress, or underestimate what we’ll continue to do despite him. First, whatever you think of government policies on such matters, the national and local governments of a major…
Reports of Peak Oil’s Death Are Somewhat Premature
Peak Oil analysis site The Oil Drum recently announced it’s shutting down operations. Due to a dearth of new content, the management decided to stop publishing new material after July 31, leaving the existing content as a permanent archive. Naturally this evoked chortles of mirth from the Wall Street Journal. Those dumb old gloom-n-doomers at…
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