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On Fracking and Free Lunches
At Grist, Amal Ahmed quotes a new report from Physicians for Social Responsibility to the effect that polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAs, are widely used in oil and natural gas fracking. PFAs are a forever chemical — meaning they persist indefinitely in soil and water, and wind up entering the food chain — linked to “birth…
In un Mondo Capitalista l’energia Rinnovabile non Esiste
Di pinnsvin buollit áidi. Originale pubblicato l’undici marzo 2023 con il titolo Renewable Energy Doesn’t Exist Under Capitalism. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. — Se il desiderio è ciò che dà forma all’infrastruttura energetica, come possiamo dar vita a una libido non estrattiva? “Perché chiunque non voglia ammettere che la politica economica è una questione di…
Renewable Energy Doesn’t Exist Under Capitalism
— If desire shapes energy infrastructure, how do we build a non-extractive libido?  “For what happens to whomever does not want to recognize that political economy is libidinal, is that he reproduces in other terms the same phantasy of an externalized region where desire would be sheltered from every treacherous transcription into production, labour and…
Reports of Peak Oil’s Death Are Somewhat Premature
Peak Oil analysis site The Oil Drum recently announced it’s shutting down operations. Due to a dearth of new content, the management decided to stop publishing new material after July 31, leaving the existing content as a permanent archive. Naturally this evoked chortles of mirth from the Wall Street Journal. Those dumb old gloom-n-doomers at…
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