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The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 133
Daniel Mccarthy discusses a book on war for the Greater Middle East. Stephen Kinzer discusses two books critical of American foreign policy. Sheldon Richman discusses Trump’s miconceptions about NATO. Trevir Timm discusses the renewed U.S. bombing of Libya. Alex Emmons discusses the new military campaign against ISIS in Libya. Ted Rall discusses Khizr Khan and…
How Do You “Get Over” Something That’s Still Going On?
You’ve probably had one of Those People say (usually after sidling up to you, looking around to see if anybody’s listening, and prefacing it with an “I’m not racist, but…” disclaimer) “Slavery was 150 years ago — they need to get over it!” Or maybe it’s ethnic cleansing episodes like Tulsa (“90 years ago”), or…
Obama’s Legacy Will Not Be One of Peace
The Financial Times recently reported that Nobel Peace Prize recipient Barack Obama has conducted ten times more drone strikes than his predecessor George W. Bush. As far as we can tell, that number is somewhere in the ballpark of 500 strikes and spans a wide array of countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia…
The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 94
Medea Benjamin discusses 10 steps to wean the U.S. off militarism. Ron Jacobs discusses the footprint of the U.S. military in Africa. Sam Husseini discusses U.S. government violence from Hiroshima to Iraq. Uri Avnery discusses the divide and conquer strategy of Netanyahu. George Selgin discusses how the Federal Reserve is joining the War on Drugs….
Mandela Wasn’t Radical Enough
I suppose we will forever be subjected to incomplete accounts of the life of Nelson Mandela and the evil he struggled against. Both the Right and the Left (as conventionally defined in America) are too busy pushing agendas to provide the full story. On the establishment Right (with some honorable exceptions) apartheid was deemed unimportant…
Remembering The Mandela Administration
I had not intended to write anything on the death of Nelson Mandela. Partly because I am exhausted, but mainly because I wish to demonstrate my right not to mark his passing in any way — notwithstanding any affection I might bear the man. I feel that it is a right that needs to be…
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