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Pelarangan Tidak Akan Pernah Berhasil
Oleh: Logan Marie Glitterbomb. Teks aslinya berjudul “Prohibition Still Doesn’t Work.” Diterjemahkan ke Bahasa Indonesia oleh Ameyuri Ringo. Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi. dan Missouri menjadi pusat perhatian masyarakat karena mereka menerbitkan –pelarangan yang sangat ekstrem dan inkonstitusional– undang-undang anti-aborsi. Tujuan dari hukum ini –diklaim– adalah untuk menurunkan angka aborsi, hingga ke angka nol….
Prohibition Still Doesn’t Work
Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Missouri have all come under fire recently for their passing of various –extremely restrictive and possibly unconstitutional– anti-abortion laws. The goal of such laws –it is claimed– is to curb abortion rates, preferably to zero. The problem is, however, that prohibition has never worked to achieve such goals….
“Libertari” per la Pulizia Etnica
Di Kevin Carson. Originale pubblicato il 29 marzo 2015 con il titolo “Libertarians” for Ethnic Cleansing. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Quando un libertario di destra difende la gentrificazione, lo fa di solito inquadrandola come fenomeno del tutto spontaneo proprio del libero mercato, e minimizzando o ignorando il ruolo dello stato nel promuoverla. Già questo è…
ცხოველთა უფლებების დარღვევა წამებით: პასუხი უოლტერ ბლოკს
შესავალი დღევანდელ დღეს, უოლტერ ბლოკი არის მსოფლიოში ერთ-ერთი ყველაზე ღრმად პატივსაცემი ლიბერტარიანელი თეორეტიკოსი, ის არის ეკონომიკის პროფესორი Loyola-ს უნივერსიტეტში. ბლოკმა დაწერა ასობით სტატია და წიგნი ლიბერტარიანულ თეორიაზე, მისი ნაშრომების ზედაპირული მიმოხილვაც კი გვაჩვენებს უდიდეს სიღრმეს მის აზროვნებაში. ბლოკის ლოგიკური კონსისტენცია შთამბეჭდავია ხოლო მისი ხატმებრძოლური და ინტელექტუალური შეტევები ისეთ წონად საკითხებზე, როგორიცაა მილიტარიზმი და ნარკო პოლიტიკა,…
Maltrattare gli Animali Viola i Loro Diritti
Replica a Walter Block Di Thomas Raskin. Originale pubblicato il 25 luglio 2017 con il titolo Animal Torture Violates Rights: A Response to Walter Block. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Introduzione Walter Block è uno dei più stimati teorici libertari nel mondo.1 Eminente studioso di economia presso la Harold E. Wirth, docente di economia presso la…
Animal Torture Violates Rights: A Response to Walter Block
Introduction Walter Block is one of the most highly esteemed libertarian theorists in the world today.1 The Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Chair in Economics and Professor of Economics at Loyola University, Block has written hundreds of articles and books on the intricacies of libertarian theory, even a cursory review of which reveals the tremendous depth…
A Follow Up Exchange Between Richman and Block
Following their August 28th debate on left-libertarianism, Sheldon and Walter continued their exchange via a series of emails: __________ Dear Sheldon, Suppose it were proven that racism, prejudice, hatred for homosexuals, etc., was the best way to promote libertarianism. Let us stipulate that this is so, arguendo. Would you then say that libertarians should promote…
Long and Block Debate Thick vs. Thin Libertarianism
Following his debate with Sheldon Richman, Walter Block recently joined C4SS’s Roderick Long for another in-depth conversation about thick vs. thin libertarianism. The debate is moderated by Daniel Rothschild, and is just over an hour long.
Let’s Talk Left-Libertarianism
On August 28th, 2015, C4SS’s Sheldon Richman joined Walter Block for a discussion of left-libertarianism and thick vs. thin libertarianism. The discussion was moderated by Lucy Steigerwald and hosted by Liberty.me. The discussion is about 60 minutes.
There is No “Do” Either
Markets and Motivation Guillaume Paoli’s Demotivational Training (2008, Cruel Hospice) is a tough egg to crack. I spent days of my time putting off reviewing this book, partly because I felt demotivated, but also because Paoli’s writing is fairly dense and hard to fully grasp at first. It’s the sort of book that requires a…
“Libertarians” for Ethnic Cleansing
Usually when right-libertarians defend gentrification, they do so by framing it as an entirely spontaneous free market phenomenon, and minimizing or ignoring the state’s role in promoting it. That’s bad enough. But we don’t usually expect them to come out explicitly in favor of direct state intervention to evict poor people for the sake of…
Labor Day Retrospective: Liberty in the Workplace and Labor Unionism
Labor day has come and gone. In spite of the fact that it was made a Federal holiday by a president who used government power to crush the Pullman strike, it’s still worth using it as an occasion for reflecting on the struggle for workplace liberty. Corey Robin had a good post on the subject….
Walter Block’s Wrong Headed Anti-Unionism On C4SS Media
C4SS Media presents Natasha Petrova‘s “Walter Block’s Wrong Headed Anti-Unionism,” read by James Tuttle and edited by Nick Ford. The final aspect to be discussed is whether unionism is compatible with the normative philosophical principles of libertarianism. An emphatic yes is the answer. Left-libertarian market anarchist unionism involves a voluntary association of free and equal workers working…
Walter Block’s Wrong Headed Anti-Unionism
Walter Block recently penned a piece arguing that libertarianism is neither left nor right. In it he argues that libertarians share an anti-unionist bias with the right. It may be true that many libertarians possess an anti-union bias, but that says nothing about the normative compatibility of unions with libertarian principles. It also ignores those…
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