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Um Lembrete sobre o Sindicalismo
De Kevin Carson. Artígo original: A Reminder on Unionism, 6 de agosto 2021. Traduzido para o português por Gabriel Serpa. Um Lembrete sobre o Sindicalismo para os Analfabetos em Economia e História Recentemente, o ex-candidato presidencial do Partido Libertário, Vermin Supreme, postou no Facebook um apoio à greve da Pepsico. E recebeu o tipo de…
Un Recordatorio sobre el Sindicalismo
De Kevin Carson. Título original: A Reminder on Unionism, de 6 de agosto de 2020. Traducido al español por Diego Avila. Un recordatorio sobre el sindicalismo, para los analfabetos económicos e históricos Recientemente, el ex-aspirante a la presidencia del Partido Libertario, Vermin Supreme, publicó en Facebook un mensaje de apoyo a la huelga de PepsiCo….
A Reminder on Unionism
A Reminder on Unionism, for the Economically and Historically Illiterate  Recently, former Libertarian Party presidential contender Vermin Supreme posted in support of the Pepsico strike on Facebook. It got the sort of response I expected, given the prevailing culture in the Libertarian Party. Some right-winger commented in the replies:    Being able to strike IS a…
Klan-Baiting the Wobblies: Unreasonable
About the only thing A. Barton Hinkle gets right about the Industrial Workers of the World in “Meet the Left-Wing Extremist Running for U.S. Senate” is not calling them the “International Workers of the World”. Although at least Reason likening the “Wobblies”, whose founding antedates the Russian Revolution by over a decade, to “warmed-over Lenin” is not the…
Labor Day Retrospective: Liberty in the Workplace and Labor Unionism
Labor day has come and gone. In spite of the fact that it was made a Federal holiday by a president who used government power to crush the Pullman strike, it’s still worth using it as an occasion for reflecting on the struggle for workplace liberty. Corey Robin had a good post on the subject….
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