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Un Mondo Nuovo, che Lotta per Nascere
Scrivendo tempo fa su Alternet, Richard Eskow (“Rise of the techno-Libertarians,” 12 aprile 2015) ha fatto un’eccellente critica del modello capitalista dei “tecno-libertari” della Silicon Valley. Gran parte degli argomenti riguarda in qualche modo il modello mirato al profitto dell’industria tecnologica, che tratta i prodotti principalmente come fonte di guadagno (o, meglio, rendita) piuttosto che…
A New World, Struggling to be Born
In an article at Alternet a while back Richard Eskow (“Rise of the techno-Libertarians,” April 12, 2015) made some excellent criticisms of the capitalist model of “techno-libertarianism” centered on Silicon Valley. Most of his points relate in some way to the profit-driven business model of the tech industry, which treats products primarily as a source…
Intellectual Property Fosters Corporate Concentration
The modern libertarian case against so-called intellectual property (IP) has been building steadily since the late 1980s, when I first encountered it. Since then, an impressive volume of work has been produced from many perspectives: economics, political economy, sociology, moral and political philosophy, history, and no doubt more. It is indeed a case to be…
“World Government” – It’s Not Just For Birchers
Back in the ’90s, the Financial Times referred to the G8 countries and the Washington Consensus they enforced as a “de facto world government.” As if we needed any reminder that such a global corporate regime exists in practice, consider the Trans-Pacific Partnership currently under negotiation. Although in theory the authority of all treaties signed…
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