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Tarihin Sübvansiyonu
Okumak üzere olduğunuz makale Kevin Carson tarafından yazılmış, Haziran 2008 ‘de The Freeman tarafından yayınlanmıştır. 3 Ekim 2012 tarihinde C4SS’de tekrardan yayınlanmış. Çok sayıda liberteryen düşünür, büyük şirketlere sağlanan sübvansiyonların ve korumaların miktarı, bunların mevcut şirket kapitalizmi için yapısal önemi ve mevcut devlet kapitalist ekonomisinde şirket ve devlet çıkarlarının iç içe geçmişliği üzerinde durmuştur. Bununla…
Osservatorio del Libertarismo Volgare
Prima parte Di Kevin Carson. Articolo pubblicato originariamente su Mutualist Blog: Free Market Anti-Capitalism, 11 gennaio 2005. Pubblicato su C4SS il 17 dicembre 2012 con il titolo Vulgar Libertarianism Watch. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Non appena ho pensato di aprire un blog, mi è venuta l’idea di scrivere una rubrica chiamata “Osservatorio del Libertarismo Volgare”,…
Wish You’d Stop Bein’ So Good To Me, Cap’n on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Kevin Carson‘s “Wish You’d Stop Bein’ So Good To Me, Cap’n” read by Erick Vasconcelos and edited by Nick Ford. Some people might see an internal contradiction between Hoppe’s repeated use of the term “dominated” to describe the role of certain privileged segments of society, and the idea that “libertarian” ideas were formulated by…
Wish You’d Stop Bein’ So Good to Me, Cap’n
You may be familiar with Murray Rothbard’s article “Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature.” Hans-Hermann Hoppe, beloved eminence grise at LewRockwell.com, takes things a step further and makes belief in human inequality the defining characteristic of right-libertarianism (“A Realistic Libertarianism,” Sept. 30). This isn’t just a hill he’s willing to die on, but a hill…
Nick Gillespie Looks at the Way Things Are, and Asks “Why Not?”
Critics of libertarianism on the Center-Left sometimes depict it as a radical ideology that would turn upside down everything we know — a doctrine of such thorough-going change that the critics are compelled to ask “what society in human history was ever organized along libertarian lines?” Not so! Nick Gillespie (“Why an 1852 Novel by…
Gabriel Kolko Revisited
Part 1: Kolko at Home An earlier generation of libertarians was interested in Gabriel Kolko, a historian of the Left. Who was he? Born in 1932 in Paterson, NJ, historian Gabriel Kolko studied at Kent State, the University of Wisconsin, and Harvard University (PhD: 1962). From 1970 until his retirement he taught history at York…
Ani DiFranco, la Schiavitù e il Sussidio della Storia
Qualche tempo fa la cantautrice Ani DiFranco ha dovuto cancellare il suo “Righteous Retreat in the Big Easy”, un ritrovo di autori di canzoni ospitato nella Nottoway Plantation and Resort, una ex piantagione di schiavi in Luisiana. La scelta del luogo aveva provocato un meritato scontento, costringendo la DiFranco alla ritirata. La cantante ha poi…
Capitalism, Free Enterprise and Progress: Partners or Adversaries?
Foundation The Industrial Revolution is typically regarded as a story of capitalism, free enterprise, and progress in technology and living standards. This paper attempts to disentangle the threads of capitalism, free enterprise, and progress, in the context of the Industrial Revolution, with a focus on Britain and the United States. It aims to bring some historical perspectives into…
Ani DiFranco, Slavery And The Subsidy of History
Singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco recently cancelled her “Righteous Retreat in the Big Easy,” a song-writing retreat hosted at the Nottoway Plantation and Resort, a former slave plantation in Louisiana. The venue choice provoked well-deserved outrage, prompting DiFranco to cancel. DiFranco issued what Callie Beusman at Jezebel called “a remarkably unapologetic ‘apology,’” defending her actions more than apologizing…
Capitalism vs. The Market – A Braudelian Definition
“Need I comment that these capitalists, both in Islam and in Christendom, were friends of the prince and helpers or exploiters of the state? […]” “Thus, the modern state, which did not create capitalism but only inherited it, sometimes acts in its favor and at other times acts against it; it sometimes allows capitalism to…
How to (Inadvertently) Argue Against the Public Education System
In a recent article, Allison Benedikt makes her case that, as the title says, “If You Send Your Kid to Private School, You Are a Bad Person” (Slate, August 29). She clarifies: “Not bad like murderer bad — but bad like ruining-one-of-our-nation’s-most-essential-institutions-in-order-to-get-what’s-best-for-your-kid bad.” The proper course of action, she argues, is to take one for…
La Fuerza está en la Ignorancia: Edición Kim Jon Un
Carson: El gobierno de EE.UU. es un estado. Y mentir deliberada y desvergonzadamente cuando sirve a sus intereses es lo que los hacen los estados. No permitas que mueran millones de personas por una mentira.
Ignorância é Força: Edição Kim Jong Un
Carson: O governo dos Estados Unidos é um estado. E mentir — deliberadamente, cinicamente — onde mentir sirva a seus interesses é o que os estados fazem. Não permita que milhões de pessoas morram por causa de uma mentira.
Ignorance is Strength: Kim Jong Un Edition
Carson: The U.S. government is a state. And lying — deliberately, shamelessly — whenever it serves their interests is what states do. Don’t let millions die for a lie.
From Coffin Ships to Coyotes: A Saint Patrick’s Day Reflection
Hummels: Open borders for people, not just product.
Capitalism and Un-Freedom (More on Contract Feudalism)
Kevin Carson: The vast majority of accumulated capital today is the result, not of the capitalist’s past labor and abstention, but of robbery.
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Did the Early Factory Workers Welcome Their Fate?
If the cottagers had to leave the land because of acts of Parliament, how can we say simply that they chose “oppressive” factory work because it was the superior alternative?
Vulgar Libertarianism Watch, Part 1
Kevin Carson: This school of libertarianism has inscribed on its banner the reactionary watchword: “Them pore ole bosses need all the help they can get.”
Contract Feudalism: Reply to a Reply
“Contract Feudalism”: A Response to Paul Marks was originally published in the 2008 issue of Economic Notes No. 105 by the Libertarian Alliance, written by Kevin Carson.
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