Sebastian A. Stern

C4SS Fellow, Sebastian A Stern, B.S. Human Biology (Honors), Pitzer College, Claremont. Sebastian has worked in molecular neuroscience and economics at major US research institutions. Sebastian is a transhumanist anarchist, opposing the BORG (Banks, Organized Religion, Government) in addition to biological aging.


Supranationalism: The EU as Extortion Mechanism
02 Mar 2016
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Cancer Therapy and Barriers to Open Biopharma
06 Nov 2014
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Capitalism vs. The Market – A Braudelian Definition
19 Oct 2013
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01 Aug 2013
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21 Jul 2013
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03 Jul 2013
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Malthus Revisited: Statists Seeding Fear Again
30 Jun 2013
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07 Jun 2013
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23 May 2013
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The Palliative Machine: Medical Monopoly Under the Corporation-State
19 May 2013
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30 Apr 2013
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Decentralizing Science: Local Biohacking
01 Apr 2013
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Psychopathic Kyriarchy – Our Rulers Really Are Unempathic Predators
25 Mar 2013
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12 Mar 2013
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Statism and the Illusion of Choice
31 Jan 2013
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The New Fourth Estate: Anonymous, Wikileaks and –archy
27 Jan 2013
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The Poverty of Nations: Wal-Mart Efficiency and The Destitution of America
01 Dec 2012
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