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Non Cedere di un Millimetro! La Lotta per la Dignità ai Tempi del Virus
Di Alex McHugh. Originale: Don’t Give a Single Inch Back! The Fight for Human Dignity Amid COVID-19 del primo maggio 2020. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Credo di non aver mai provato un senso di coscienza di classe – quello strano insieme di ansia, rabbia, amore e determinazione – forte come quello che provo ora. Posso solo immaginare…
Don’t Give a Single Inch Back! The Fight for Human Dignity Amid COVID-19
Personally, I’ve never felt a stronger sense of class consciousness — that strange mixture of anxiety, rage, love, and resolve — than right now. I can only imagine that many workers feel similarly. Everywhere you turn there are people waking up to the importance of solidarity and considering far more radical steps than they have…
Obama: The Bosses’ Friend on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Kevin Carson‘s “Obama: The Bosses’ Friend” read by Mike Godzina and edited by Nick Ford. “Meanwhile, the dispute drags on because management is simply unwilling to meet workers’ demands: Higher pay for weekend work. To resolve the impasse, one side or the other will have to do something it not only currently finds…
Obama: The Bosses’ Friend
“Whenever the legislature attempts to regulate the differences between masters and their workmen,” Adam Smith noted in The Wealth of Nations, “its counsellors are always the masters.” US president Barack Obama reaffirms this insight with his intervention in the dispute between shipping industry employers and longshore workers on the west coast. That intervention comes at the behest of…
Police Have Never Guaranteed Order
It’s over. As the evening started on Thursday (May 15), the Military Police of the State of Pernambuco, in Brazil decided to finish a strike that had lasted the whole day. Looting, depredations, disorder and murder all happened during the strike. Stores closed, people went home. “Arrastoes” (“draggings,” where large groups of people set off…
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