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Police Have Never Guaranteed Order
It’s over. As the evening started on Thursday (May 15), the Military Police of the State of Pernambuco, in Brazil decided to finish a strike that had lasted the whole day. Looting, depredations, disorder and murder all happened during the strike. Stores closed, people went home. “Arrastoes” (“draggings,” where large groups of people set off…
I Migliori in Città: Armati, Brutali e Codardi
Martedì a Santa Rosa, in California, due dei “migliori” uomini della città si sono accovacciati dietro lo sportello di una macchina e hanno sparato a morte un bambino di tredici anni che aveva una pistola giocattolo. Il bambino, Andy Lopez Cruz, stava camminando per la strada con una pistola giocattolo di plastica quando i due…
Cities’ Finest: Armed, Brutal and Cowardly
On Tuesday in Santa Rosa, California, two of that city’s “finest” cowered behind a car door and gunned down a thirteen-year-old boy carrying a toy rifle. This little boy, Andy Lopez Cruz, was walking down the street with a fake plastic rifle when the two “heroes” boldly got out of their police cruiser, hid behind the…
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