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Ending Gun Violence by Defunding the Police
Anarchists and many others in the radical left and libertarian movements are rightly skeptical of gun control due to the history of state power, including gun laws, being weaponized to directly target and oppress marginalized communities while simultaneously maintaining a state monopoly on violence. Despite the dangers of gun control, gun violence is still a…
Quaker Guilt & Unintended Consequences
Quakers, the religious sect with which I most closely identify, have a long history of radical action. Historically, Quakers were leaders in the American abolitionist movement and adherents have long been allies of black liberation, womens’ rights, and other social justice struggles. Today, that tradition continues, with many meetings (the equivalent of a congregation) explicitly…
The Pitfalls of Pure Policy Reform and the Abolitionist Outlook
I would like to emphasize that abolitionism is not a strategy that proposes an all-or-nothing stance or one that refuses cooperation and coalitions with non-abolitionists. It’s a particular theoretical framework for viewing social change and I think it can help libertarians and anarchists be better strategists. That said, there are, in my mind, three major,…
On “Reforms,” Bad and Good
“Reformism” is one of those words that’s hard to pin down sometimes. It’s usually taken to mean advocating for “reform within the system” — in other words, the bad kind of reform. A bad reform operates from the unstated – often unconscious – starting assumptions of the system. It takes the existing institutional framework of…
A Futilidade da “Reforma de Mercado” Dirigida pelo Governo: Privatização
Se há coisa que o establishment libertário — isto é, organizações libertárias da corrente majoritária cuja principal atividade é fazer lobby junto ao estado em favor de “reforma de livre mercado” — adora, é a assim chamada “privatização.” Artigo de Paul Buchheit em Truth-out.com (“Oito Maneiras pelas Quais a Privatização Não Deu o que os…
The Futility of State-Directed “Market Reform”: Privatization
If there’s one thing the libertarian establishment — that is, mainstream libertarian organizations whose main activity is lobbying the state for “free market reform” — loves, it’s so-called “privatization.” An article by Paul Buchheit at Truth-out.com (“Eight Ways Privatization has Failed America,” Aug. 5) treats the failure of privatization as a reflection on the limits…
No Boondoggle Too Costly
“We’re digging ourselves into a hole, so let’s get more shovels.” Commentary by Darian Worden
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
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