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Telecoms Robbing Us With Government Help — Again
Once again, a telecommunications corporation — this time Verizon — is emptying its customers’ pockets, with government help. Must be a day that ends in “y.” In the past, New Jersey heavily subsidized the construction of DSL lines, in the form of excess customer rates, on the condition that they would continue to provide DSL…
Old-Time Libertarian Community: The Ferrer Colony of Stelton, New Jersey
On a rainy day in May of 1915, the first settlers of the Ferrer Colony of Stelton got off their train from New York and walked about a mile to their new homes. The crowd on its way to the old farmstead included 32 children who would be enrolled in the radical school that anchored…
No Boondoggle Too Costly
“We’re digging ourselves into a hole, so let’s get more shovels.” Commentary by Darian Worden
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