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Calling All Class Traitors: Resource Generation
There is a stereotype perpetuated by the political right that anarchists tend to be rich, white kids radicalized by the ‘postmodern neo-Marxists’ that have apparently taken over institutions of cultural production. This is clearly a tactic to strategically simplify and obscure both the complicated relationships between Marxism and postmodernism and the multicultural, working class origins…
The Enragés: Libertarians for Redistribution with Gary Chartier
For the eighth installment of The Enragés, host Joel Williamson met with Gary Chartier to discuss Gary’s left-libertarian classic, “Libertarians for Redistribution.“ Gary Chartier is Distinguished Professor of Law and Business Ethics at La Sierra University, a senior fellow of the Center for a Stateless Society, and is the author, editor, or co-editor of fourteen…
Anarquismo Social y Computación Económica Paralela
De Emmi Bevensee. Artículo original: Social-Anarchism and Parallel Economic Computation de 22 de junio 2020. Traducido en español por Kathiana Thomas. Nota: He tratado de minimizar la teoría matemática y computacional para hacer esto más legible en general, pero donde se pone más complicado sólo escribí (párrafo matemático) antes del párrafo, pudiendo entender la pieza…
Effective Altruists as Anarchist Subversives
Most Effective Altruists don’t look like anarchists. The latter have a (charmingly) grungy flavor, the aura of half-dazed rebels perennially stumbling their way out of Woodstock reunions. By contrast, Effective Altruists have the trappings of recent MIT and Tufts graduates, lanky tech nerds and philosophy majors with an incomprehensible infatuation with “Pi Day” and something…
Social-Anarchism and Parallel Economic Computation
Note: I’ve tried to minimize the math and computation theory to make this more generally readable but where it gets more complex I just wrote (math paragraph) before the paragraph and you can read or skip it and still understand the piece. I’ll open with a potentially contentious take. Most of the decentralized and left-leaning…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Prisons as Upward Wealth Redistribution
One of the main functions the state serves in practice is to forcibly transfer wealth to politically connected interest groups. Prisons serve that function today, and they have served it historically. In The Enterprise of Law,  economist Bruce Benson documents the rise of state controlled law enforcement in England. Stateless customary tort law had previously prevailed,…
A verdadeira redistribuição ocorre por detrás dos panos
De acordo com seu próprio relatório e com o que disse o colunista do Washington Post Howard Schneider (“Communists Have Seized the IMF“, 26 de fevereiro), o Fundo Monetário Internacional aparentemente amenizou sua posição sobre o “redistribuição de renda”. Isso, porém, é falso. Tanto o relatório do FMI (“Redistribution, Inequality, and Growth“, IMF Discussion Note…
The Real Redistribution Is Going On Behind The Curtain
By its own recent report’s framing and that of the Washington Post’s Howard Schneider (“Communists Have Seized the IMF,” February 26), the International Monetary Fund has apparently gone soft on “redistribution.” But that framing is wrong. Both the IMF report (“Redistribution, Inequality, and Growth,” IMF Discussion Note SDN/14/02, February 2014) and Schneider’s write-up of it conflate “redistribution”…
Libertários por redistribuição
Libertarianismo é um projeto redistributivo. Esse é um outro ponto de vista em que o anarquismo radical de mercado é justamente visualizado como parte da tradição socialista. Estatistas de esquerda e direita são a favor da redistribuição da riqueza. Libertários, pelo contrário, se assumem muitas vezes como totalmente contrários a toda forma de redistribuição. Mas…
Libertarians For Redistribution – Webinar
Gary Chartier: Libertarians ordinarily look at the idea of income and wealth redistribution very skeptically.
Reconsidering Redistribution: One Libertarian’s View
David D’Amato on what goes up.
Libertarians for Redistribution
Gary Chartier: Libertarians rightly reject statist redistribution as a variety of slavery. But they have every reason to embrace solidaristic, transactional, and rectificational redistribution.
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