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Russia Targets Journalists in New Wave of Repression
In a concerning development for radicals everywhere, Russian officials have been cracking down on journalists with renewed vigor. In particular, journalist Ivan Golunov was recently arrested on fabricated drug charges and help for six days. While Golunov was released on June 11th, following a massive outpouring of support from journalists and citizens alike, there remains…
The Coming State of Fear
Well, it seems that any lingering question on whether or not the happenings on social media platforms are truly politically relevant can finally be put to rest. While most of us prefer the edge of communication media that cuts away from the dynamics of power, president-elect Trump has managed to do quite the opposite by…
Putin e Obama concordam: Para o caminho dos espinhos!
Desde que li 1984 na adolescência, estive fascinado pela presciência de George Orwell. O caso de Edward Snowden e Gleen Greenwald destacou um aspecto dessa sagacidade preditiva, mas o slogan “nós sempre estivemos em guerra com a Lestásia” jamais esteve em mais evidência do que na questão da Ucrânia, Crimeia e Rússia. O desenvolvimento mais…
Putin y Obama están de acuerdo: ¡todos al zarzal!
Desde que leí 1984 en la adolescencia, he sentido una perpetua fascinación por la presciencia de George Orwell. La saga Edward Snowden/Glenn Greenwald llamó nuestra atención sobre un aspecto de lo que Orwell predijo tan agudamente, pero el “siempre hemos estado en guerra con Estasia” está volviendo a la palestra debido a la… “situación”… con…
Putin, Obama Agree: Everyone Into the Briar Patch!
Since reading 1984 as an adolescent, I’ve remained perpetually amazed at George Orwell’s prescience. The Edward Snowden/Glenn Greenwald surveillance state strip-tease has recently focused attention on one aspect of that predictive acumen, but “we have always been at war with Eastasia” is returning to the fore due to the … “situation” … with Ukraine, Crimea and…
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