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Horizontal Self-Governance — The Only “Regulation” We Need
A common liberal or “progressive” criticism of so-called “sharing economy” entities like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb (usually appearing in venues like Salon or Alternet) is that they’re “unregulated.”   This implicitly assumes, of course, that regulations like the taxi medallion system exist for some idealistic purpose of serving the “public welfare” and not simply guaranteeing…
It’s Official: Reason Has Become a Self-Parody
In a July 10 article at Reason, David Harsanyi (“Bernie Sanders is the Future of the Democratic Party“) describes the rise of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as “a completely predictable outcome of the Democratic Party’s trajectory,” and a portent of the party’s “socialistic future.” I’m more worried about what Harsanyi portends for the future…
An Anarchist Reads “The Conservative Nanny State”
It is difficult to take a political work seriously with the word “nanny” in the title, but Dean Baker’s 2006 book the “Conservative Nanny State” is a serious book and a decent introduction to some often overlooked market distortions that benefit the rich at the expense of everyone else. It also has the advantage of…
The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 35
Patrick Cockburn discusses the recent Islamic fundamentalist takeovers of parts of Iraq Justin Raimondo discusses the possibility of a third Iraq War. Nick Sibilia discusses how cops in Texas steal millions. Robert Fisk discusses how the Iraq crisis was created by Bush and Blair plus bankrolled by Saudi Arabia. Uri Avnery discusses how Israel is…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Abolish Criminalization, Abolish the State
A recent article by Deborah Small at Salon raises some genuinely valuable points about the likely pitfalls of prison reform and the broad scope of the problem of criminalization. Yet the headline, and the later paragraphs, package these important and interesting points into yet another one of the “progressives should fear and despise libertarians” pieces…
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