Emile Phaneuf

Emile spent many years working in exports around the world but now works in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He holds a Master's degree in Economics from OMMA Business School Madrid and from Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala (double-degree) as well as an MA in Political Science from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. He is from the USA but has also lived in Japan, Brazil, and (now) New Zealand. He is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society and currently writes for Dasset (https://blog.dassetx.com/).

Website: http://www.emilephaneuf.com

Cómo las consideraciones de costo-beneficio produjeron una gobernanza “progresiva” en las sociedades piratas
30 Aug 2021
Spanish & Stateless Embassies
How Cost-Benefit Considerations Produced “Progressive” Governance in Pirate Societies
02 Jul 2021